Proposal for the hospice organization


Non-profit making organizations depend mainly on donations to run their activities. They solicit these funds from corporations and other business entities. Many of the corporates that give out donations require these organizations to present to them well-prepared proposals. Bayt Abdullah is a non-governmental organization which operates in Kuwait. The organization works with less privileged children in the society. It gives these children an opportunity to enjoy basic needs because some of those children go through critical medical conditions and come from humble backgrounds. Organization goals are to give the best comfortable shelter to children who do not have a decent home and mentally challenged (Np engages, 2013).

           The objective of the proposal is to formulate effective campaign strategies that would help the hospice organization attract more funds from potential donors in Kuwait. The organization will need to create a massive awareness campaign among people in Kuwait.
The hospice will communicate its values, vision, and mission to all the stakeholders of the project which are the community, the project participants and the current and potential funders and partners. In order to build trust, these stakeholders require knowledge of the identity of the Bayt Abdullah Children’s hospice. The employees also will be required to be fully aware of the values, vision and mission, and they will be supported to achieve them. Communication with the stakeholders is the best way to achieve an understanding to the different parties in the project. The statements will be shared among new employees who will be joining the organization to ensure that they understand the roadmap that Bayt Abdullah wishes to take (Grapevine, 2013).
The board will ensure that the values, vision and mission statements are properly documented and shared within the organization and outside the organization especially to potential and existing funders. It will be shared in the organization’s website where they can be found easily. Orientation and training programs will be organized for the staff because they are the representatives of the organization outside the organization. The organization will also ensure that it starts by explaining it values, vision, and mission when it meets with prospective partners or donors. The communication must be effective because failure to do so may result to loss of prospective partners to other organizations. A nonprofit‘s values, mission and vision are interlinked. The mission is derived from the vision and those two needs to be in agreement with the values. The three communicate why the non-governmental organization exists (Non-Profit Information, 2014).
The hospice will have a plan that sets out clear goals that will help the organization attain its mission. Most essential task/activities that require fundraising should be given a priority. Important questions need to be addressed when the non-governmental organization wants to collaborate with available sponsors and may make fundraisers pull away. Failure to follow the formulated mission for soliciting funds may lead the organization to engage in irrelevant activities (Non-Profit Information, 2014).
Project details
Bayht Abdullah children hospice will need to differentiate its goals and objectives. The large statements of the hospice wish to achieve but do not have parameters to use will be categorized as the goals of the hospice. The statements lay a ground for the Bayt Abdullah Children hospice will be proposing. On the other hand, the objectives will give a precise statement of what Bayt Abdullah children hospice hopes to attain. Objectives have parameters that can be used to measure whether they have been accomplished. The objectives give the reasons as to why the project had been started and can be utilized in the assessment and monitoring project progress. Care should be taken to ascertain that there are no major differences between the goals and the objectives because it might be difficult to attract any funding to the organization (Levine, 2014).


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Proposal for the hospice organization
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           Organizations operate in an environment that has a set of forces that are largely outside its control and influence. The forces can have both negative and positive influences on the organization. The forces are sensitive and response measures must be taken for survival purposes. Managers are well equipped with tools and skills that enable them overcome the challenges arising from the environment. The organization must continuously check and adjust to the environment for it to succeed because a breakdown in operations arising from the environment may create intense threats or new opportunities. There is need to establish, assess the value and react to opportunities and threats in the environment. Two types of environment exist; the internal and the external environment. The external environment represents the outside institutions and factors that have an actual or can possibly affect the organizational ability to achieve its goals and objectivities. They include political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological environment (Kew, Stredwick, & Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2008).

The economic environment represents mainly the economic conditions of a religion in which the organization exists. It focuses on inflation rates, interest rates, the total value of goods produced and services provided in a religion within a year. Technology refers to the available means used to produce goods. Organizations need to adopt new technologies in order to remain competitive. The socio-cultural environment represents the existing values, traditions and demographics of a population which affect the tastes and marketability of product and services (Kew, Stredwick, & Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2008).

           The SWOT analysis involves evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It formulates game plans the organization can use to achieve its objectives. In order for organizations to be successful, they must ensure that their internal operations are in line with the external environment. The SWOT analysis will help the organization to provide an underlying structure that can be used to examine the strengths and weaknesses that the organization experience internally. It identifies the strengths the organization can maximize on, reducing the weaknesses, utilizing the existing opportunities, and monitoring the threats. SWOT analysis helps in identifying the target market, competitors and evaluates whether the resources available are sufficient to meet the needs of the target market (Fullen, 2005).

PEST analysis

           PEST analysis involves monitoring the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors that affects the operations of an organization. It evaluates the opportunities available in a market and the probability of the factors affecting the organization. Information that is collected during the PEST and SWOT analysis is key because it helps the organization to position itself strategically (Fullen, 2005).
           Information will be clearly given on the potential funders the Bayt Abdullah children’s hospice wishes to attract. It will specify on, who is the exact target fundraiser among the target groups, prior contact that had been made to them. The help that has been extended and the manner the less fortunate children have been involved during the preparation of the proposal. Funders sometimes require to be informed on how other groups have been involved in coming up with the proposal. There are cases where fundraisers only give their contribution, but they do not like to be involved directly in the project. It is important that the fundraisers be informed about the clientele because they are the beneficiaries of the project (Levine, 2014).
           The proposal should clearly outline the relationship between the methods and the objectives of the project. The methods that will be used to achieve the objectives should be explained in a clear language. The potential funders are very interested in the method that will be used by a non-profit organization to achieve its objectives. Innovative ideas are very attractive to potential fundraising agencies. The methods applied should be unique and must solve children’s needs in a positive way. Bayt Abdullah children’s hospice will need to include the collaborative relationships by establishing partnership with all stakeholders who may help the project become a success. The methods used shows best collaborative ways that can be used. The proposal also needs the show how the methods of the program will encourage the different partners to be unified in addressing the issues of concern (Levine, 2014).

The roles of every person concerned will be described accordingly. It is important to have a job description for every employee to avoid any confusion and confrontation. When roles are clearly described, it leads to successful implementation of tasks. The names, titles, experience and qualifications will be included. Further, all vital data should be made part of the program success. Bayt Abdullah children’s hospice requires hiring employees who are qualified, committed and have a wide range of experience that is required in the project. The employees should work as one team to actualize the success of the program organization goals. A steering committee consisting of experienced personnel will be formed to assisting the program. The steering committee is important because they normally bring specialized skills that can be helpful in the program (Levine, 2014).
Available resources
           Partnership programs are usually crucial. When campaigning for funds it is important that the hospice indicate what other funders have contributed because potential funders participate in programs that have already received funding from other donors. Resources that are already in place needs to utilized by the Bayt Abdullah Children’s hospice because sometimes it is possible to neglect or take for granted the resources that the organization already has. Availability of these resources sends a message to the donors that the organization is stable and does not entirely depend on to be bailed out by potential funders. Funding agencies are encouraged when they establish that the organization is doing its part by utilizing its resources in the project implying that the project is fully owned by the hospice (Levine, 2014).
Resources needed
The personnel required for the project should be highly competent. The organization ensures that they have the required skills needed for the project, have been hired through a rigorous process and can participate in the project by bringing their knowledge and skills. In addition, part-time workers will be required when it is deemed necessary. It may be unnecessary to have fulltime staff because sometimes it can lead to incurring high costs for the overheads (Levine, 2014).

           The Bayt Abdullah children’s hospice has a number of facilities that it has already established. The facilities offer accommodation for the children, but those facilities are not adequate due to the large number of children who need accommodation because of their medical conditions. A new model of fundraising for nonprofits has been developed online. The model has brought changes in the way these organization raises its funds (Levine, 2014).


Communication is very vital in any promotional campaign. The objectives of the organization will be clearly stated in the promotional campaign. Donors usually scrutinize the purposes of the organization so that they could determine whether they could fund any project. Donors create strategic partnerships sometimes to achieve common goals and thus the goals of the hospice should be geared towards constructive goals that are clearly delineated. Forming partnerships that are long lasting is imperative for the organizations. Donations that are given out once can create a shortage of resources in the future. The hospice will ensure that it collaborates with corporates who can commit themselves for long run period (np Engage, 2013).
           Strategies that can be used in promotional campaign need to be remarkable and simple. A campaign is a means of creating awareness of the organization. The campaign is very crucial because it portrays the image of the organization. One of the strategies that can be used is using relevant messages and advertisements to create an image to the target group. Knowing the needs of the target groups helps in enhancing the image of the organization. It is important to develop personalized documents with campaign letter head for the communications reasons. Designing brochures with images of the needy children with brief information of how the funds will benefit them will help attract potential donors. It also communicates the activities of the organization to the community. The radio, television, and newspapers also can be used to educate the society. It is important to use advertisements that do not appeal to the emotions of potential donors, rather, effective advertisements need to portray the changes that can be brought using funds solicited (Pezzulo & Rice,2001).

The use of the media is the best ways to create knowledge about the campaign being undertaken. Celebrities can be used to be the main campaigners of the process because of the influence they have in the society and the media likes to focus on them. It is also important to flag the campaign in the media domain, use publications, have sessions for the purposes of giving briefs, and use professionals to answer questions arising from the public. It is also important to develop a good relationship with the media so that the organization can receive favorable airplay because it creates trust with willing donors (Pezzulo & Rice, 2001).

Targeting specific people is another strategy that can be used in campaign. It creates ownership by individuals and there encourages more participation. Children in schools can be used to relay the message to their parents and other family members. Events such as sports activities and music festivals which bring people together can be used to promote the campaign. Collaborating with corporations also is another strategy that can be used to campaign for the organization. Also encouraging the public sector to participate in the campaign will help in fundraising for the projects of the organization. The method for collecting funds needs to be secure to avoid cases of theft which may derail the whole process (Pezzulo & Rice, 2001).
The organization will use strategies that will enable it achieve its objectives. The staff will be required to take part in fundraising campaigns. The support of staff will be required in raising funds for the organization because it demonstrates that the project ownership. However, it might become a challenge to fundraise for the organization. Input will be required from everybody in the organization to come up with a clear plan of how the organization will raise funds. It is important that the parties own the whole activity in the organization because sensitive areas will be addressed to ensure that conflicts do not arise, and dormancy is eliminated (Non-Profit Information, 2014).
Social media can be used to solicit for funds in the public domain. Social media give a platform in which such information can be shared to create awareness of activities of the organization. It becomes easy to obtain commendations from the previous donors on such sites. Such recommendations are crucial to other potential donors because it indicates the credibility of the organization in planning, utilization, and accountability of donor funds (Non-Profit Information, 2014).
The use of multiple channels to create awareness is another key aspect of any promotional campaign carried out by any non -profit-making organization. When multiple sources of information are used, it becomes easily accessed to many potential donors. Numerous methods of relaying information exist in the current world (Non-Profit Information, 2014).

Media can be used to reach potential fundraisers. Proper planning is required in order to ensure that the information reaches the intended target. Managing public relation needs to be a priority as it gives the image of the organization. The strategy for managing the media for the purpose of campaign can be a very awkward task. When the strategy to deal with media is perfect everything falls in place (Narasimha, 2010).
Capital campaigns provide important lessons in the area of planning, setting goals, establishing objectives, and providing an opportunity to manage those objectives. Campaigns encourage funders to make large amounts of contribution and make a long-term commitment. Long-term milestones with long-term effects can explain the gains of the campaign and because of it; the organization will enjoy the benefits in not only the short-run but also the long run. Standards are also raised during the campaign period. It is also possible to expect a high rate of donation than was the case before because the campaign creates more awareness about the organization. The campaign will also provide important skills to the staffs; new experience will also be gained. It was also created an opportunity for professional growth (Rosso, 1991).


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