New Flower Shop Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

New Flower Shop Marketing Plan. 1

Executive summary. 4

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New Flower Shop Marketing Plan
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Product and Services. 5

Background. 5

Technical description of product/service. 5

Products. 5

Services. 6

Target Market. 6

Market Opportunities. 8

Effect of internal and external factors faced by the product being introduced at Yas Mall. 8

Store location: 9

Store design: 9

Buying Patterns. 9

Factors that Drive Typical Flower Purchases. 9

Capturing Valentine’s Day Business. 10

Profile of Traditional Buyers of Flower Arrangements. 10

Profile of a new flower shop Customer. 10

Marketing objectives and Strategies. 11

Marketing strategy. 11

Promotional strategies. 11

Operations plan. 12

Marketing plan. 13

Human resource plan. 13

Marketing Demographics. 14

Marketing Mix. 14

Product. 14

Promotion. 14

Sales promotion: 15

Price. 15

Place. 16

References. 17

Appendix. 18

Survey. 18

TimeLine. 19

Executive summary

The Company’s name is New Flower shop Company. Its operation central command is in Yas mall. The organization will bargain in the obtaining, promoting, and offer of flowers to the occupants of Yas Mall and its wealthy suburbs. New Flower shop Company goes for using innovation to empower parts of the center and exclusive classes to buy altered flower plans. The outline of the flower plans will be such that they will be appropriate for house and office design, or for exceptional events, for example, commemorations and weddings. The organization methodologies its transient goal of catching the flower showcase in Yas mall by focusing on well-off businesspeople and even corporate heads in downtown and midtown, Yas mall. These ranges will be key in an upscale, standard flower and blessing system. This will give the foundation of buyers that the organization will depend on in the long run. The organization will separate itself from ordinary flower specialists by laying accentuation on the development of individual associations with clients. It will attain to this assignment by utilizing engineering and phenomenal advertising procedures, a move which will draw clients and impart unwaveringness. It means to an organization a blessing program and builds a framework that guarantees that overlooking extraordinary dates is a past issue. The organization ventures unobtrusive income in its first year in operation. Notwithstanding, it anticipates that this income will increment amid the second year. The organization is prepared for the convergence of interest amid key seasons, for instance, Christmas and the extremely vital Valentine’s Day. The organization will open its store amidst an upscale local location, one mile from downtown Yas mall. This is a shrewd decision as it considers the rich and sprawling catchment region and additionally the anticipated development of downtown Yas mall.

Product and Services


As evident from the above, the company will base its operations in the city of Yas mall. The primary target of the company will be the high- and middle-income earners of the city and its suburbs because they have a modest amount of disposable income to grace their occasions and love ones with custom fresh flower arrangements. The company will have an adequate market of its products and services as the city of Yas mall is full of affluent businessmen and women. These are ideal candidates for an automatic, innovative and fresh flower delivery venture which will help to keep their romances alive and their homes and offices stylishly decorated. In any case, the Yas mall is home to commercial premises that may require daily or weekly flower arrangements. It is important to point out that the company will not follow the structure of the conventional flower retailers. The company will avoid the steep price of downtown retail space by opening its store in an upscale retail residential area near the city. This retail sale point will occupy a projected 600 square feet. A third of this space will be available to facilitate retailing operations while the remaining space will be for storage and work purposes. The company operations will face little market oppositions as there are hardly any well-organized florist in this part of the town. For a long time, the inhabitants of this area have had to rely on shopping malls for their flower requirements (Webster, 2010).

Technical description of product/service


Original flower designs that employ a wide variety of flowers: Each of New Flower shop Company’s flower arrangements will be a natural, authentic work of art. The company policy will see to it that each arrangement is unique and custom made to fit the needs of each customer (Webster, 2010). The flower arrangements of the company will include a wide variety of seasonal flowers in a bid to exploit the surge in demand presented by the various seasons. In addition, the retail store will contain displays of sample arrangements, which will be available at moment’s notice. Unique containers: The Company will ensure that it has a wide collection of innovative and unique vases from which customers can select their favorites. The company plans to offer these to the discretionary buyer as well as make affordable offers for the routine purchases. Flowering and green plants: In addition to flower arrangements, the company will also strive to make potted live green and flowering plants to customers. These will be essential in the decoration of both homes and offices. Hand Tied Bouquets: The Company recognizes that some of its customers will prefer to use their own vases. As a result, the company will organize a line of products which will ensure that such customers receive exceptional hand-tied bouquets.


A forget-me-not club: It is crucial to note that special occasions represent nearly 50% of reasons for flower sales. Therefore, the company will initialize a flower and gift program which will be exclusively for man. In this program, interested parties will give a minimum of seven dates a year in which they would need flowers. These include Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays. The company will then automatically deliver flowers at the man’s place of work on each of the dates, but only after making a courtesy call or email afterward. Damage-proof cases will contain these flowers to ease the transportation process from office to home. The packaging will include the colors of the company. These colors will serve as an additional marketing tool for the company (Viswanathan, Rosa & Ruth, 2010). Other services include home delivery of flowers and referral programs, which will see those who successfully refer clients to the company acquire a 25% discount on all purchases. In-store presentations, gift cards, survey or comment cards, and a unique buying experience are some of the services which will make the company unique from the rest.

Target Market

For New Flower shop, our target market is anyone who is seeking a trustworthy florist for an event or special occasion. With the exception of special occasions, the majority of our clientele will be of the upper class. Since our prices are slightly lower than local competition, we hope to draw in customers of several income ranges who are seeking arrangements for occasions such as weddings and funerals. Also, our customers will be high school students looking for corsages and boutonnieres for formal dances. The geographic location of our target market is within a few miles of our business, the area surrounding Youngstown, Ohio. New Flower shop is located in Yas mall. We expect that the majority of our customers will be from Dubai and Yas mall. The city of Youngstown is a respectable place for a florist due to the amount of people in the area. The 2000 census for Yas mall revealed that there are 82,026 people living in there.

The demographics of our target market will vary with each month of operation due to different holidays and seasons. According to a website, 79% of people seeking services from florists are women. Also, 59% of sales are from non-calendar events and the holiday with the most flower sales is Valentine’s Day (Talgat & Alikhan, 2010). The occupations of our target customers are mostly professional positions since the majority of the market is the upper class. Since most of the customers will be of the professional workforce, the most popular form of ordering flower arrangements is over the phone or New Flower shop 4 internet. Many of the customers will receive delivery as a form of pick-up and very few will actually visit our shop. The target customers will buy flowers on a regular basis, for home decoration. Also, the target customers are more likely to send flowers to others on special occasions. The clientele seeking arrangements for weddings will be more common in the spring, summer and fall months rather than in the winter. Customers seeking flower assortments for funerals can be expected year-round. The target customer will spend a range of prices depending on the type and amount of flowers used. The flower industry is driven holiday purchases. The most popular of these holidays is Christmas with a staggering 30% of total flower sales. Mother’s day and Valentine’s Day follows at a close 25% and 20% respectively (About flowers, 2012). Easter and Passover, Thanksgiving, and the sweetest day follow in a specific order of notoriety. Moreover, botanical deals gracing occasions, for example, Grandparent’s day, father’s day, Boss’ Day, and St. Patrick’s Day, they have likewise helped by unique events, for example, weddings, funerals, parties, festivals, birthdays and celebrations (Talgat & Alikhan, 2010). As obvious, the organization focuses on the center and high salary earners of Yas mall and its environs. Buyers in these classes have disposable pay important to help them enjoy botanical indulgences. The second piece of New Flower shop Company business sector involves the different business foundations in downtown and midtown Yas mall. The most vital section of such foundations incorporates the lodging and restaurant industry as they may need flower game plans for their banquet rooms and visitor rooms. Different organizations that may oblige flower game plans on week after week or even everyday schedule in corporate law offices, centers and clinics, land, and insurance agency premises.

Market Opportunities

Effect of internal and external factors faced by the product being introduced at Yas Mall.

Marketing impacts method, society, and the association’s general capacity to embrace new item improvement. Top marketing can show association in the improvement transform by giving professional success to entrepreneurial aptitudes and empowering wide worker support. Clarity and vision are vital to guaranteeing that new item thoughts are great key fits for the organization. The extent to which initiative permits experimentation and advances singular activity emphatically impacts the advancement of new items. This acknowledgement of danger and backing for an entrepreneurial soul inside the association are critical with the end goal advancement should thrive. New items rise in an assortment of ways and their improvement does not generally continue in objective and predictable behavior. It is essential for authority to view the procedure as iterative and dynamic, and to encourage adjustment and adaptability. Marketing adaptability and responsiveness to change likewise are required. This kind of authority is especially vital to the task supervisor who must arrange and coordinate the different parts of the new item advancement handle so that a rational framework develops that creates an item with convincing worth. Activity energizes inventiveness and critical thinking aptitudes.

Groups give components to separating utilitarian predispositions made by a strict adherence to structure. The measure of interdepartmental clash in the association, the social union among colleagues, and the recurrence and directionality of interdepartmental correspondence impact group building. Through imparted understanding of the destinations and purposes of the venture, and in addition the errands needed in the advancement methodology, groups can shape the task and impact how function accomplishes in the association (Rosenbloom, 2011).

Store location:

As New flower shop open a little exhibition on that place where the individuals normally go so they can see the display and might want to visit my display. The shops arrangements to open in June and spread 600 square feet. One third space is utilized for retail and other space is utilized for capacity and restaurant and so on and we are likewise giving the free stopping so individuals can undoubtedly visit to my store in light of the fact that at some point individuals can’t visit the shop on the grounds that they can’t give them stopping marketing .

Store design:

As we realize that client can without much of a stretch pull in by the outer surface configuration of the exhibition or a shop. So New flower shop make an appealing and welcoming storefront, for example, Simple and cutting edge outline with alluring configuration. Lovely flower plan and with loads of lighting. Clear substantial glass window with the goal that individuals can without much of a stretch see the inner part embellishment. The new flower shop will be open for Monday to Saturday and shut on Sunday and the timings are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., What’s more, I will take after the strategy of CRM that is client relationship marketing that implies we make a decent association with the client. What’s more as I am offering just flowers so my shop is a forte store which gives just flowers to the clients.

Buying Patterns

Factors that Drive Typical Flower Purchases

Holiday purchases traditionally drive the florist industry. The holidays, along with birthdays and anniversaries, are ideal dates for men to select as part of a Frequent Flower Gift Program. For reference, the following chart ranks flower purchases by holiday:

Capturing Valentine’s Day Business

Valentine’s Day ranks number one in single-day holiday cut flower purchases, capturing 34 percent of transactions and 36 percent of dollar volume. Eighty percent of consumers who buy flower for the romantic holiday purchase cut flowers. According to the International Mass Retailers Association (IMRA), men are more likely to give flowers than women, and men plan to spend $95 on the average, while women plan to spend $60. The average amount spent per household is approximately $94.50, and the trend is an upward one.

To maximize Valentine’s Day revenue with add-on sales, new flower shop will offer special, seasonal gourmet flower in addition to the store’s normal flower. Flower account for 75% of Valentine’s Day candy sales, which totaled an estimated $1.1 billion in 2002. A survey conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association revealed that 50 percent of women are likely to give a gift of chocolate to a man for Valentine’s Day.

Profile of Traditional Buyers of Flower Arrangements

Which family units purchase crisp cut flowers, how regularly and what amount of do they use? As per the UAE Flower Endowment Consumer Tracking Study, customer using is on the ascent. Case in point, the rate of Yas mall families making no less than one crisp cut flower buy amid the year keeps on increasing. The recurrence of shopper flower buys is likewise staying reliable.

Profile of a new flower shop Customer

As noted prior in this arrangement, New flower shop won’t be an ordinary retail flower vendor, and consequently will target and serve an altogether different essential market, one that is portrayed in subtle element in the following area.

Marketing objectives and Strategies

The mission of the company is to use technology to recognize and serve ideal target markets within a ten-kilometer radius of the company’s store. New Flower shop Company will achieve this principal objective by using sophisticated marketing approaches in a bid to secure and nurture a core clientele of executive businessmen and women, as well as corporate heads. The plan is to make the company unique and different from the conventional retail florists and online flower vendors as possible (Sheila Holm, 2007). This is achievable through the assurance of customized service, custom flower designs and frequent flower gift occasions. New Flower shop Company is dedicated to carrying out its operations with an ever present enthusiasm to learn. The operations will include openness to new ideas as well as willingness and readiness to adapt to changes, which are common in the dynamic market. The company targets eighty thousand dollars revenue at the end of the first year of operation. It also seeks to maintain the average direct costs of sales at 40% or lower. Finally, the company aims at constructing pricing strategies according to an assumption of a ten percent profit due to an increase of sales in the second and the third years of operation. The key to success that the company will rely on includes the use of technology, design, and sale of innovative and customized fresh flower arrangements. It will also offer additional services and products, and exceptional communication strategies (Sheila Holm, 2007).

Marketing strategy

Promotional strategies

To start with limited time methodology is trough ad. Implies through ad we can draw in client and advance our product. The other system for advancement is immediate offering intends to associate the client for the advancement of the exhibition and the product. And the third procedure is by backhanded deals implies by sorting out a few occasions I thoroughly consider this we can advance our item or our flower display.

The Company means to pick up a generous bit of the piece of the overall industry. This may be conceivable through corner situating, giving amazing items and giving a special retail encounter and superb after deals marketing (Rosenbloom, 2011). The organization will guarantee that it picks up a reasonable upper hand through the utilization of innovation and extensive marketing strategies. It will utilize internet purchasing strategies and the new media special channels to market its item. The general marketing method of New Flower shop Company is to give a remarkable, autonomous and specific corner, which will concentrate on intermittent flower blessing projects. Especially crafts, quality items, and phenomenal customized marketing will be the devices that this system will need to get in progress and support its operations. The marketing target is to make decent notoriety as a programmed and non-muddled spot to purchase flowers and foster sentiment. The organization likewise goes for creating itself as an inventive and innovative maker for office and entrepreneurs, who need flower courses of action in their spots of work. Additionally, New Flower Shop Company needs to build and reinforce brand recognition, as quickly as time permits, to pull in and keep clients. The situating technique of the organization involves focusing on prosperous specialists and ladies, emphasizing superb and custom flower plans, and additionally customized marketing s. An extraordinary retail experience will empower it to separate itself viably with sellers who offer comparable items. The organization center will overwhelmingly fall on men however not completely. The organization will secure customers from the private neighborhood by verbal. On the other hand, the general promoting system will include genuine measures of building brand mindfulness, which will incorporate limited time channels, for example, publicizing, advertising and site. The organization will supplement these through the utilization of the new media limited time channels as the later are more intelligent and target business portions adequately (Kuo, 2014).

Operations plan

Other than the ordinary over the counter deals, the operations of the organization will involve home and office conveyances and watching the datebooks of customers, to give them auspicious marketing s. The organization will likewise guarantee a persistent supply of flowers and different extras, (for example, strips and vases), which it will use to make custom flower courses of action. The frill can be effectively accessible through wholesale costs from merchants in the town. In any case, a relentless supply of new, top-notch flowers is an alternate issue. The organization will make game plan to create nurseries in the range. These nurseries will give these flowers, however in the event that a few animal types are not generally accessible, the organization will guarantee it gets them paying little respect to the transportation costs. The organization stockpiling range must, then again, contain an icy space to verify that these flowers stay crisp as far as might be feasible (Jeff, 2008).

Marketing plan

The Company’s marketing will constitute a starting staff of six lasting representatives. The administrator will be in charge of administering all divisions of the foundation and guaranteeing ordinariness of reason in all these offices. Two of them will be flower specialists. Such workers will have unlimited involvement in enrichments and flower courses of action. These two will be in charge of every last one of courses of action from the foundation’s work range. The rest will be a secretary, a fund officer and a conveyance individual. The administrator and the conveyance individual will be in charge of arranging conveyances (the privilege put, the privilege time), yet the conveyance individual bears the obligation of guaranteeing that the flowers are sheltered and undamaged at the purpose of conveyance. If there should arise an occurrence of an increase of interest, for example, the one basic amid occasions, the organization will enlist causal representatives to facilitate the weight of the consistent workers (Foscht, Sinha, Maloles & Schloffer, 2011).

Human resource plan

The organization will guarantee that its representatives are fulfilled and roused. In this manner, its occupation arrangement rotates around a sound compensates and profits bundle, which will guarantee that the staff stays persuaded. A fulfilled staff will engender their happiness and eagerness to their work lastly, clients (Chang & Wu, 2011). Keeping the workers fulfilled additionally decreases the shots of a high rate of worker turnover and its related issues. Regardless, this helps the organization to draw in and hold top level workers.

Marketing Demographics

Geographic division; is focused around variables, for example, Region: This sort of division includes division of client base by landmass, nation or state and so forth. Client gatherings can likewise be shaped on the premise of size of populace of a specific area. This sort of division is for the most part utilized by multi-national companies or transnational organizations. Such firms working over the limits adjust their advertising blend focused around the diverse prerequisites of buyers with in every geographic portion they work in.

Demographic Segmentation: incorporates: Age, Gender, Family lifecycle, Generation, Income, Occupation, and Education

Psychographic division: is focused around client’s way of life, exercises, investments, and feelings and so on.

Behavioral division: is focused around genuine shopper purchasing conduct for specific items. Clients are sectioned on the premise of their demeanor towards brand steadfastness, or client status demonstrating the first run through purchasers, potential purchasers, advantages looked for, etc. Since division isolates the business into various heterogeneous gatherings, it helps the associations to target particular gatherings by creating promoting projects for each one section or create new items to pull in one or more fragments. Growingly, with the increment in rivalry target advertising is a more technique rather than the mass promoting as it helps the associations to achieve more noteworthy client needs (Chang & Wu, 2011).

Marketing Mix


Chang & Wu (2011) define a product as any entity that can be offered to a market by a company for attention, acquisition, consumption or use that might satisfy the needs of their customers.


Jeff (2008) portrays advancement as a critical component of promoting blend which points in illuminating and influencing the business about the items and marketing s of the organization. The system for conveying the item offer which is made by an organization to match the needs of the clients and to convince them to attempt the item is Promotion. They feel that the hugeness of advancement increments when the separation between the makers and clients increment and as the quantity of clients increment. Advancement action does not rely on upon the interest; regardless of the possibility that the interest is high limited time exercises ought to go ahead so as to keep the makers name before the clients.

Sales promotion:

Sales promotion speaks to non- media fights, for example, inspecting showcases, shows, presentations and challenges (Jeff, 2008). Talgat & Alikhan (2010) accepts that business advancements one of the quickest developing special techniques nowadays. Free examples, Money off coupons, additional quality offers purchase one get one free, packaging, benefit focuses are all diverse strategies utilized as a part of offers advancement. New Flower shop likewise utilizes deals advancement as one of their advancement instruments by offering projects like consistently consuming coupon codes and rebates and offers for internet shopping on New Flower shop items.


Price characterized as the estimation of an item that we receive in exchange for all the exertion that was taken for its creation furthermore for promoting of the same item. Cost is the income-earner so it is considered as the odd one in the marketing blend. It is likewise considered as an imperative business sector instrument which is noticeable to both clients and contenders (Talgat & Alikhan, 2010). The cost of an item relies on upon various components like changes in innovation, the impact of suppliers, aggressive weight and the expanding value affectability of the clients. Cost is likewise specifically reliant on the interest of the item. On the off chance that the requests build the cost will likewise increment and the other way around.

Consumers generally and large demonstrate an unmistakable fascination in following the costs of the items which they generally buy. This empowers them to examine the allure of the item and be vigilant about the progressions in cost of the item, subsequently empowering them to look at the costs of the item in different stores


The major factors to be considered while figuring a spot method are Channels, Coverage, Assortments, Locations, Inventory, Transportation, and Logistics. Channel dissemination procedures manage the choices on making the items accessible to the target clients in usable condition. “A channel of dispersion is the mix of organizations through which a vender showcases the items to the client or extreme purchaser” (Talgat & Alikhan, 2010). As the time and accounts needed for setting up a channel of dispersion are nearly high, the spot methodologies are frequently discriminating for the accomplishment of a firm.

The channels of dispersion can be of two separate sorts on the premise of the focused on shopper. It may contrast when the end client of the item is a purchaser or an association, the Consumer Marketing Channel and the Business Marketing Channel


Chang, C. C., & Wu, C. H. (2011). A Study on the International Marketing and Branding Strategies of          Taiwan’s Phalaenopsis Orchid Industry. In The 2011 Annual Conference of Agricultural and   Applied Economics Association. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Foscht, T., Sinha, I., Maloles III, C., & Schloffer, J. (2011). The Product and Branding Strategy of   “Muji”. In Fallstudien zum Internationalen Management (pp. 493-509). Gabler Verlag.

Jeff, G. (2008). Starting a Flower Shop: A business Strategy. Publications Oboulo. com.

Kuo, L. N. (2014). Strategy Analysis of Floral Industry in Taiwan-A Case Study of Eternal Myth Flower      Workshop.

Rosenbloom, B. (2011). Marketing channels. Cengage Learning.

Talgat, B., & Alikhan, A. (2010). Flower retail in Kazakhstan: Business Plan.

Viswanathan, M., Rosa, J. A., & Ruth, J. A. (2010). Exchanges in marketing systems: The case of subsistence consumer-merchants in Chennai, India.Journal of marketing74(3), 1-17.

Webster, J. (2010). Setting Up Shop: Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Independent Retail Stores. The       Butler Publishing Group.



  1. What is the government support in the flower industry
  2. How does the tourism industry in Yas mall support the flower industry
  3. How will the economy of Yas mall be able to support development of flower business
  4. What is the role of technology in supporting the development of flower business
  5. How are the people of Yas mall supporting flower business
  6. How can investor boost business reliability in Yas mall
  7. Are they potential business venture in Yas mall with respect to flower industry
  8. What is the expected demand for flowers in Yas mall







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