Significance of Internationalization to UAE


Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

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Significance of Internationalization to UAE
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Introduction. 3

Significance of Internationalization to UAE. 3

Company profile. 4

Export products and Target Market 5

Business Concept 5

Mission Statement 5

Product Analysis. 6

Value Preposition. 7

Environmental Assessment 7

Social-Cultural 7

Legal (The effect of the Saudi law and Regulation on the restaurant industry) 8

Economical 9

Political 9

Technological 10

Market Strategy. 10

Market Analysis. 10

Segmentation. 10

Positioning. 12

Place (including distribution strategy) 12

Pricing Strategy. 13

Promotional Strategies. 13

Market Entry Strategies. 14

Franchising. 14

Conclusion. 15

References. 17

Executive Summary

Haritna dissimilar to other common restaurants will give a novel great nourishment at worth estimating inside an enlivening environment. Haritna will be setup because of an expanding request in worth for everything the nourishment obtained; clients are not eager to acknowledge anything that does not live up to their desires and a requirement for captivating while feasting. Haritna will give soups/mixed greens, hors d’oeuvres, sweets and dishes to the Saudi Arabian market. I will setup this business to give the clients with worth to their buy and to acknowledge benefits from the business. The business will have the capacity to reach its destination by offering worth estimating and diverting environment to its clients. This will be a lucrative business and I hope to open different restaurants with a comparable setup in the future. Saudi Arabia is governed by the group of Al Saud who since the foundation of their kingdom proclaimed that it is controlled by the Islamic law. The Al Saud family likewise attested that they are focused on supporting the monetary development and be a piece of the created countries.


Significance of Internationalization to UAE

Internationalization alludes to the expanding essentialness of universal exchange, worldwide relations, arrangements, and organizations together, and so forth. Between national, obviously, implies between or among countries. The essential unit remains the country, even as relations among countries get to be progressively important and imperative. Internationalization alludes to the worldwide financial mix of numerous earlier national economies into one worldwide economy, principally by organized commerce and free capital versatility, additionally by simple or uncontrolled relocation. It is the compelling eradication of national limits for monetary purposes. Internationalization (represented by relative preference) gets to be interregional exchange (administered by total focal point). What was numerous turns into one? As we have detailed prior, UAE today is in the middle of worldwide financial powers. The monetary coordination of the nation lately likewise characterizes the numerous aspects of worldwide and in a genuine financial sense to have been felt with more noteworthy energy than any other time in the recent past. What is particular and noteworthy to these improvements additionally can be in connection of expanding reciprocal exchange in the middle of UAE and likeminded country over the world as a measure to encourage the channels of cross fringe exchange and trade in the befitting way and for the financial movement of the national economy and is immediate ramifications and effect when it matter to worldwide economy.

Company profile

Haritna Mediterranean Restaurant is the most up to date version of incredible Restaurants in Ajman in UAE. Honored Best 2012 Arabic and Mediterranean Restaurant in Ajman. We are veggie lover neighborly and serve crisply prepared bread consistently. Haritna offers stimulation a few evenings a week in an agreeable family setting.

Export products and Target Market

Haritna is confronted with the energizing chance of being the first mover in a restaurant where quality nourishment is offered in an enlivening environment. The predictable prominence of soup, tidbits, and pastries joined with a quality cost has turned out to be the winning idea in different markets and will deliver the same results in this wander. I consider that all the products offered amid other restaurants in Saudi Arabia are going to be offered in the target market which is kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Business Concept

Mission Statement

The Restaurant’s mission is to be 5-star worldwide restaurant and outstanding restaurant in UAE and its target market.

The Restaurant has invested coordinated push to impart the dedication in their specialists, staff and the whole workforce so they have a profound feeling of pride and duty towards their clients. In holding solid to their point, they created an administration slogan: “Enchanting Guests is Our Passion” to guide and persuade them in attaining administration perfection.
Business Goals
The Restaurant’s budgetary objectives are: To expand yearly room deals, to build a yearly room, and sustenance and refreshments income, to diminish yearly operation cost, as figures are viewed as private and classified for the Restaurant, it won’t be distributed in this paper. The Restaurant’s non-budgetary objectives in the following one to three years include:

  1. To turn into the most perfect inn decision for perfect business and recreation voyagers ▪ To spoilt lodging visitors for decision with an extensive variety of restaurants serving Western and Asian food that will abandon them ravenous for more
  2. To give superb administrations to customers through a group of exceedingly prepared and positively devoted administration conveyance group
  • To offer imaginative visit bundles to customers
  1. To stretch dispersion arrange in focused on global market through improvement of incredible and intuitive site
  2. To expand its item range to address the need of more assorted clienteles

Product Analysis

Haritna Restaurant’s menu of territorial Middle Eastern dishes plots out an investigation of global edibles joined by crisp bread heated in house. Twin sticks help the Kifta kebab’s prepared ground meat blended with succulent onions and verdant parsley, and the sticks can be reused into kind sized toothpicks or additional crossbow jolts after the supper ($8). Unquenchable incisors attack the house-strength grill chicken, a charbroiled half chicken gently marinated to game a mouth-watering tan while abounding on a shoreline of basmati rice ($8). Chicken-kebab and falafel sandwiches trap their particular fixings in a raw cell made out of a french move, a pita, or sourdough bread ($5.50 each). Plunge cuts of Haritna’s bread into an unblemished pool of hummus ($3/little, $5.50/extensive) or trick, a blend of fava beans, garlic, and lemon juice blended by an eminent comedian ($3/little, $5.50/vast). Harnita’s likewise make desserts, for example, knafeh, destroyed mixture loaded down with cheddar and syrup ($3.50), and harisseh ($1) in house.

Value Preposition

The restaurant will be legitimately enriched to increase the value of the nourishment we are putting forth at the restaurant. For instance, the utilization of regular blossoms and palm trees and pleasant water wellspring to accentuate the outside atmosphere while within will have high roofs and a stone floor with advanced tables and seats. Serving a mixture of nourishment will guarantee that the client gets what they need without a moment’s delay. The restaurant will likewise have both VIP lunch and supper and this will be carried out to support the administration prepare and acquaint the staff with the restaurant clients. The clients will predominantly be inhabitants of Saudi Arabia, Middle East however we will likewise welcome guests from different locales. All the guests at the double occasion will get a welcome for themselves and extra one for their companions/relatives’ gratis. To pick up an upper hand, we will likewise be serving top quality treats, soups and tidbits on the premises and prepared to flawlessness. With our high supper volume, there will be no sitting tight for a nourishment since we will have the restaurant supplied with each level of doneness. It is clear that no restaurant has tapped this business sector.

Environmental Assessment


Tradition and religion urge Muslims to be cordial and amiable. Welcoming visitors and companions to feast in their house is the standard in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia Segregation between inverse sexes exist in many segments of open eservices, schools, colleges, banks, and this isolation opened openings for work for extensive number of Saudi females. In the last few years it got to be simpler to enliven visitors and family to a restaurant for the caught up with working females or even have the restaurant sustenance and staff to amuse them at home (

Dining out turned into a propensity among all social classes in the Kingdom with the absence of other diversion venues because of religious issues. In this way the pattern of consuming out is continually developing among them. This social trademark will have a sprouting and prospering impact on the restaurant business in Saudi Arabia where the fundamental stimulation is going out restaurant.

Maybe the most proclaimed promotion of the demography is its young populace where more the 59% are under 24 years old. Furthermore, some piece of the Saudi government or change is to create its workforce; to attain to this objective the legislature sends in excess of one hundred thousand youthful understudies to examine their advanced education in very created nations consistently. These huge quantities of youngsters live abroad for very nearly five to seven years returns with sustenance and restaurant likes that they received amid their grant. [7] This opened the entryway broadly for worldwide establishment in Saudi Arabia Some of the establishments that are as of now present in Saudi Arabia, Mcdonalds, Hardee’s, Burger King, Popeye, Chilies, TGI, Fuddruckers, Pizza Hut among numerous others and are extremely mainstream among this adolescent populace alongside outside workforce, vacationer, and explorers.

Legal (The effect of the Saudi law and Regulation on the restaurant industry)

The late leader of the Saudi Arabia, ruler Abdullah, is regarded inside and universally for his endeavors to battle terrorism and his substantial measure of open using on change arrangements have helped the nation to overcome a large portion of its financial hindrances.

The kingdom’s real venture to change was the application for enrollment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and rolling out steady legitimate improvements to meet with its necessities, yet there is doubt from the Privet divisions around the legislature, due to the unnecessary bureaucratic practices and improper regulations that are seen as difficult for the focused business sector. A few regions are over-controlled while others are under-managed. It takes very nearly six months to enroll an organization, and the organization must give a verification that it has a generous total of cash to contribute at least $10,000.however, the administrative changes made as of late seem to have been of most recipients to those Saudi organizations which are looking to grow through cooperations with remote financial specialists. By and by, the law requires remote speculators to have a Saudi accomplice and the Saudi accomplice, individual or organization, will have the greater part of control over the business.

Overall, the lawful procedure is exceptionally mind-boggling and monetarily hazardous whether you are opening a little business or a significant undertaking. The legislature ought to alter these methodologies to empower outside ventures.


The Kingdom is encountering quickened development because of late oil value spikes. The positive impact has been an ascent in every capita GDP from more or less $8100 (1999) to $9575, or 18%, by 2005. Join this with the way that the Kingdom has one of the world’s quickest developing populaces (3.5% every year) and you are confronted with a growing business sector with great disposable pay levels. Air conditioning Nielsen exploration reports that the Saudi economy is relied upon to grow 8.7% not long from now, fundamentally fuelled by the high oil costs and additionally solid private area development Saudi remains the biggest market in the whole Gulf. Numerous perspective Dubai as the showcase yet Saudi turns out to be the business room and money generator.

Because of reality that Saudi Arabia is an underdeveloped nation, it relies on upon foreign made products and engineering, the legislature responsibilities to the financial development makes openings for work for expert prepared nonnatives and rely on upon them to satisfy the nation’s aspiring improvement systems. As per HSBC Bank Saudi Arabia is named the second in the abundance of expert prepared nonnatives. Saudi Arabia is positioned twenty two in addition to different nations in the tourism division. In addition, Saudi Arabia has in excess of five million pioneers yearly from everywhere throughout the world aiming to get Hajj and Ummrah. Hajj is one of the five mainstays of Islam which all Muslims must perform at any rate once in their life time. The restaurant business is one of the real Beneficiaries from such focal point.

Accordingly, the administration has been effectively considering to extend what is accepted to be billions of dollars’ worth of wage in the tourism area by pulling in global voyagers to the Kingdom’s notable destinations, in the mid-2008, a bundle of new loose visa tenets were discharged permitting numerous gatherings from Europe to visit the Kingdom with a gathering vacationer visa, which years before was inconceivable. This strategy has made another section for the Saudi restaurant industry. Additionally, the substantial number of nonnatives, impending as laborers or as vacationer and travelers, with their ethnic foundation are viewed as the spine for the restaurant business.


Saudi Arabia is governed by the group of Al Saud who since the foundation of their kingdom proclaimed that it is controlled by the Islamic law. The Al Saud family likewise attested that they are focused on supporting the monetary development and be a piece of the created countries. This objective is extremely difficult to attain to in light of the fact that fundamentalist Muslims decline the thought of Internationalization, this lay a moderate political hazard on the administration. Then again, this political circumstance influences the restaurant business decidedly in light of the fact that the restaurant business remains the major uncontested system for excitement among Saudis. Especially, by law, all restaurants are obliged to have single-guys area divided from the family segment to hold fast to the custom and religious necessities.

Also, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seen as the pioneer of the Muslim world, on the grounds that it is the main residence of Makah; which Muslims from everywhere throughout the world must visit at any rate once in their life time to finish the fifth mainstay of their religion. This makes Saudi Arabia experiences a strain in its universal connections mostly after the occasion of 9\11 in light of the fact that a portion of the western nations are considering the kingdom somewhat in charge of 9/11.

This political circumstance is one of the principle quality of the restaurant business in Saudi; with no silver screens or night clubs, consuming out turns into the primary wellspring of stimulation for a large portion of the populace. There is a longing for new restaurants that surpasses whatever other area on the planet


The last of the two macro marketing environment strengths are the mechanical and the environmental: in Saudi Arabia Technology in the restaurant business is not restricted to fundamental kitchen machines and instruments. Then again, one may not expect some mind boggling gears are utilized as a part of the restaurant business. Numerous restaurants are driving the route as to MasterCard transforming and purpose of-offer advances, presenting better approaches to serve their clients and expand the general comfort of the eating knowledge. Obviously, restaurants chains and establishment are the principle advocates of this improvement in correspondence.

In Saudi Arabia there is no critical mindfulness from the legislature or the greater part of the populace to the ecological issues. All the restaurants that uses reuse paper or environmentally friendly power vitality are for the most part global establishment applying their Owen corporate approach as a major aspect of their obligation

Market Strategy

Market Analysis


Direct Segmentation is not a broadly utilized procedure as a part of Saudi Arabia. Individual relations in the middle of merchants and clients are to a great degree vital in the Kingdom. Numerous sorts of immediate showcasing rehearsed in different nations are not drilled in Saudi Arabia because of Islamic statutes concerning sexual orientation isolation and protection in the home. The restrictions of the Saudi postal framework are additionally an element. Organizations and private subject’s utilization post office boxes in light of the fact that home conveyance and postal protection are not accessible. Restricted immediate promoting is being led through advertisements on satellite TV giving buyers a neighborhood phone number to orchestrate buy and conveyance (

The enduring and profitable economic organization between the HARITNA furthermore Saudi Arabia can be a preference to Haritna organizations in the Kingdom, as most Saudi shippers are extremely responsive to Haritna items, and consider them to be condition of-the-workmanship in innovation and tough notwithstanding their higher costs. Outside firms will think that it advantageous to present complete product offerings, instead of individual items, into the Saudi market, as it will permit them to profit from more noteworthy interest incitement and expense diminishments. An item, notwithstanding, must be aggressively valued and promptly accessible to make a deal. Consequent or sudden value changes ought to be abstained from, including estimating for after-deals administration.

Publicizing is a quickly extending business in the Kingdom, and is urgent in picking up retail deals and piece of the pie. As indicated by the Al-Iqtisadiah financial every day, Saudi Arabia used $145 million on publicizing in the initial five months of 1998. Of that sum, 64 percent was used on daily papers, 19.5 percent for magazines, 8.6 percent for announcements, and 7 percent for TV promoting. Most organizations now decide to promote in an extensive variety of media, including TV, daily papers, exchange magazines, bulletins, and exchange advancement occasions. Recently, numerous organizations have been publicizing through national celebrations, occasions, and sweepstakes drawings that happen ordinarily in shopping centers and malls. Television ads are telecast on the two Saudi stations amid constrained times of the day. One direct is in English, the other Arabic, which both show over the whole Kingdom. Substance of the business must adjust with religious and good values. An option methodology to introducing items in the Kingdom is promoting through worldwide TV channels, for example, CNN, the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), and Arab Radio & TV (ART). MBC, which is situated in London and is Saudi-claimed, is like CNN with a mixture of intriguing projects. Craftsmanship, situated in Italy, covers more diversion and games. Other Arabic satellite stations have been dispatched and are drawing in various promoters. Circle, a Saudi-claimed satellite administration situated in Cyprus, has various distinctive stations that present American motion pictures and different programming.

Print publicizing is additionally vital. As of late, numerous new magazines have showed up on the Saudi market. Among the well-known magazines in the Kingdom are Al-Majallah, Al-Yamamah, and Sayidati. Daily paper publicizing is done in nearby English and Arabic papers. Publicizing rates change enormously, yet the rates are significantly lower than in the HARITNA generally as a result of a much littler readership.

The three neighborhood dailies distributed in English have flows of somewhere around 20,000 and 50,000 duplicates: Arab News (Jeddah); Saudi Gazette (Jeddah); and the Riyadh Daily (Riyadh). The main Arabic daily papers have across the country dissemination and flow of somewhere around 70,000 and 100,000: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Okaz, Al-Hayat, Al Jazira, and Al Riyadh. Um Al Qura is the authority government daily paper. Other applicable daily papers have lower course and now and again just local appropriation: Al Bilad, Al Madina, Al Nadwa, and Al Youm. An alternate distribution, the Al Iqtisadiah financial every day, concentrates on business issues.


At Haritna there are four distinctive focusing on methodologies can be considered to create advertising blend to meet showcasing targets. Undifferentiated advertising is utilized for one promoting blend, focused on towards entire market and showcasing blend (Price, Place, Product, Promotion, Distribution), and targets towards everyone. Separated advertising is utilized for various promoting blends and includes numerous items, focused on towards different sections. Centered advertising is for one showcasing blend and various portions with concentrate on one section specifically, who will have control over different sections


Saudi Arabia has an open and competitive market. Accordingly, above normal deals administration and client backing are critical variables in winning and keeping up new customers. A remote Haritna physical vicinity in the Kingdom is seen as an image of their long haul responsibility to working together in the region. Brief conveyance of products and the vicinity of qualified help professionals are getting to be more imperative, and they impact business a great deal more now than was the situation five or ten years prior. Government organizations ordinarily oblige gear suppliers to focus on giving upkeep and extra parts to a normal time of three years.

Place (including distribution strategy)

There are three essential marketing regions in the Kingdom: the Western Region, with the city of Jeddah as the principle business focus; the Central Region with the capital, Riyadh; and the Eastern Province, where the oil and gas industry is concentrated. Numerous organizations import merchandise for their own use or for immediate deals to end-clients, making the area and number of retail outlets a vital component. Haritna exporters may think that it useful to delegate diverse operators or wholesalers for distinctive areas. Different orgs or wholesalers may additionally be relegated to handle differing product offerings or administrations. In spite of the fact that there is no necessity for select distributorships, Saudi Ministry of Commerce strategy is that all such courses of action be selective regarding either geographic area or product offering.

Numerous Saudi organizations are dynamic in various product offerings. A Saudi specialists will normally anticipate that the remote supplier will accept a large portion of the business sector improvement expenses, for example, the employing of a devoted deals staff. Outside suppliers regularly allocate a salesman to the Saudi to prepare, advertising, and specialized backing. Without such a game plan, firms ought to go to Saudi Arabia consistently to backing their Saudi wholesaler.

Pricing Strategy

HARITNA entering into different countries for business should assess their estimating of products focused around pay dispersion of residents, neighborhood expansion and different elements like coin swapping scale. Due to conversion scale it is conceivable that you wind up paying distinctive costs for same item in diverse nations. Haritna should mostly open their shops in real urban communities focusing on center and high society natives as they can bear the cost of the costs. After this they begin focusing on lower white collar class natives. This is because the price regulation laws in Saudi Arabia are a determinant factor.

Promotional Strategies

Promotional strategies are expected to market a brand. Brand Haritna appreciates a committed special group. Publicizing and advancements of Haritna Restaurants is carried out majorly through the web. Advertising and exposure has been given a real part to play to guarantee that the advancement blend is figured it out.

Competitive Strategies

Price Strategy

Numerous organizations create evaluating systems to keep up preference. These incorporate entrance, economy, skimming, pack and special methodologies. Infiltration valuing uses low starting costs to addition piece of the overall industry and gradually builds the cost to its typical level. Economy estimating offers fundamental items that have the most minimal client value conceivable (Warszawski, 1996). Skimming is a value technique in which organizations set high introductory item costs that lessening to match lower costs from new contenders. Pack evaluating is a method where organizations incorporate a few distinctive items under one cost. This permits a business to give more items to shoppers at a somewhat lower cost. Special evaluating procedures may permit organizations to offer extra advantages to shoppers, for example, a purchase one-get without one business method.

Market Entry Strategies


Haritna will be using a Franchising strategy that is an underexplored entrance mode in local markets, yet it has been generally utilized as a fast strategy for extension inside major created markets in North America and Western Europe, most eminently by fast-food chains, customer administration organizations, for example, restaurant or auto rental, and business administrations. On the most fundamental level, franchising is suitable for replication of a plan of action or organization, for example, a fast-food retail configuration and menu. Since the business design and, much of the time, the working models and rules are altered, franchising is constrained in its capacity to adjust, a key thought in utilizing this passage mode when entering new nation markets. There are two contentions to counter this. First and foremost, the significant franchisers are progressively showing a capacity to adjust their offering to suit nearby tastes. Haritna, for instance, is a long way from being a worldwide dealer of UAE-style burgers, yet it offers impressively diverse menus in distinctive nations and even diverse districts of nations. In such cases, the organization and maybe the brand is locally reliable, yet certain client confronting components, for example, administration faculty or individual menu decisions can be custom-made to nearby tastes. Also, it must be perceived that there are item showcases in which client tastes are truly comparable crosswise over nations.


While Haritna can’t fare its item however it can pick among distinctive modes of operation in the outside market, some of which may include a higher level of responsibility of assets than others. Specifically, it can open an auxiliary that establishments straightforwardly, or go into a joint wander with a neighborhood accomplice, or secure an expert franchising plan whereby the expert franchisee claims and works all the outlets in his or her region or discovers franchisees to do likewise. The level of speculation that Haritna focuses on these business sectors varies over these distinctive modes yet in all cases Haritna applies critical control over the quantity of outlets and the development in the quantity of outlets in each one business. Consequently, Haritna disguises the expense of extension to an extensive degree relying upon sort of administration inside each one business sector and sets the development way inside and additionally crosswise over Saudi Arabia.

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Warszawski, A. (1996). Strategic planning in construction companies. Journal of construction engineering and management122(2), 133-140.




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