Historical points in Sharjah paper


Sharjah is the third biggest city (after Dubai and Abu Dhabi) in the United Arab Emirates. The castle of the leader of the Emirate of Sharjah (Sultan container Mohamed Al-Qasimi) is found around 20 kilometres (12 mi) southeast of the city.  The city of Sharjah ignores the Persian Gulf and has a populace of in excess of 800,000 (2008). It contains the primary regulatory and business focuses together with a show of social and customary undertakings, including a few galleries covering ranges, for example, antiquarianism, common history, science, expressions, legacy, Islamic workmanship and society. Different historic points incorporate two noteworthy secured six, reflecting Islamic configuration, and various recreational territories and open stops, for example, Al Montazah Fun Park and Al Buheirah Corniche. The city is likewise remarkable for its various rich mosques.

Image 1: Image of Sharjah City

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Historical points in Sharjah paper
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After the development blast that occurred in Dubai in 2005, towering high rises and advanced structures were developed in regions like Al Khan and Khaled Lagoon. These current tall structures and the ensuing increment in populace coupled with deficient base made Sharjah experience the ill effects of congested roads. This was likewise because of its area between the northeastern Emirates and Dubai. Numerous Sharjah occupants travel 15 km (9.3 mi) to visit Dubai on the weekend. Sharjah is circumscribed by the urban areas of Dubai and Ajman and is around 170 km (110 mi) far from the capital city Abu Dhabi. Sharjah was one of the wealthiest towns in this district with a settlement in presence in excess of 5000 years. In the early eighteenth century, the Qawasim faction (Huwayla tribe) made itself in Sharjah, c.1727 proclaiming Sharjah autonomous. On 8 January 1820, Sheik Sultan I marked the General Maritime Treaty with Britain, tolerating a protectorate to keep the Ottoman Turks out. Like four of its neighbours, Ajman, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain, its position on the course to India made it sufficiently vital to be perceived as a salute state (be it of the most minimal class: 3 frames).

Image 2: Sharjah and Its Environs


On 2 December 1971, Sheik Khalid III joined the United Arab Emirates amid the establishment of the united organization. Like the other previous Trucial States, Sharjah’s name is known by numerous stamp authorities on account of the extensive quantities of stamps that were issued by the Sharjah Post Office right away before the development of the United Arab Emirates. Many of these things peculiarity subjects inconsequential to the emirates whose names they bear, and consequently numerous famous inventories don’t show them.

Al qasba mosques

Located in Sharjah, this mosque has wonderful lighting during the evening. This is one of my first night shots taken amid my first year of photography. Sharjah was a bit known city to me, however,  absolutely was the ideal city of mosque.


Noor mosque

 Bordering the lagoon on Bokhara Corniche, the Al Noor Mosque is an alternate sample of Sharjah’s rich convention of Islamic building design. The perplexing formwork, clearing bends and towers of such mosque ventures obliges exhaustive learning of Islamic outline and a promise to the finest subtle element. It likewise requests nonstop research to discover propelled building materials ready to save the magnificence and trustworthiness of these sacrosanct structures for eras to come. The erection of Mosques is not an insignificant development.

It is a work of adoration. Bedouin Profile completed Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) lives up to expectations in characteristic stone complete on all outside rises, including parapet, screens, window edges, cornices, false roof, minaret top and vaults. An aggregate of 5,500m2 of GRC and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) was utilized. Sharjah is the capital of Islamic Culture 2014 has in excess of 600 Mosques, yet the Al Noor Mosque (placed next to Khalid Lagoon on Buhaira Corniche), is frequently viewed as the most well-known. The Al Noor Mosque was manufactured by request of the wife of the leader of Sharjah, her Highness Sheikh Jawaher bint Mohammed al Qassimi. The development of the Mosque began in 2003 and was finished after 2 years in 2005. Al Noor Mosque in Sharjah to open its avenues to the exile group and guests to Sharjah with the goal that they may research the UAE National society and religion.

Al Noor Mosque visit for non- Muslims as of now open. Inherent Ottoman style, the Mosque is an exceptional fascination in this enchanting Emirate. It is tricky to get inside, since it is opened to the general population just once a week, however going by is an absolute necessity and you will love doing so. Crystal fixtures showed on the roofs and excellent stucco dividers make an impeccable illuminated climate for supplications to God and reflections. Roots of the gathering: The initially recorded Muslims in Newfoundland and Labrador was in 1964, when Dr. Muhammad Irfan turned into a teacher of material science at Memorial University of Newfoundland and started sorting out the group. From that point forward, the Muslim populace has become altogether.

Highlights of the bunch’s history: The Masjid Al-Noor, inherent 1990, is the first and final mosque in the territory of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was manufactured by the Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (MANAL), an affiliation that intends to secure a Muslim group that sticks to the estimations of Islam and is committed to the welfare of its parts. Calendar of Events: Daily request to God is held at Masjid-a Noor. Amid weekdays, the mosque is open for Fajr, Maghreb and Asha; on weekends, it is open for every one of the five supplications to God. A calendar of request to God times is accessible on the MANAL site. Occasion observances are additionally held, for example, exceptional supplication to God times amid the month of Ramadan. Islamic classes, hung on Sundays, teach parts in the Qur’an, Arabic and general Islamic studies. It has been built to celebrate Sheik Mohammed canister Sultan Al Qasimi (1975-1999), the Emir of Sharjah’s eldest child, who had passed on of a heroin overdose in England. Sherifa Mad wick, administrator of Communication and Development of the Sharjah Center for Cultural Communication, says that Al Noor Mosque that stands close to the Khalid tidal pond on Buhairah Corniche is the most renowned. “It is facilitated mosque visits each Monday at 10 am for exiles and voyagers for them to think about UAE society and religion.” What makes Al Noor Mosque glorious is the design outline, which is affected by the established Turkish Ottoman construction modeling displayed in the uncommon Sultan Ahmed Mosque, famously known as the Blue Mosque in Turkey.

Particularly, Al Noor Mosque is adorned with 34 rich falling arches in the outsides that dependably get the eyes of guests and dedicated. “The focal vault is encompassed by a few half arches lastly at each one corner by four little dome vaults.

On the request of Shaikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan canister Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, the development of Al Noor Mosque began on April 6, 2003, and was finished following two years. It has a Ladies Section and can oblige 2,200 individuals — 400 in the Ladies Section alone. Arranged on the Corniche, Al Noor Mosque is a living affirmation to nearby inhabitants, whose families have existed in this most seasoned settlement in the emirate. The Al Noor Mosque was based on the same model as the mosques in Turkey, while King Faisal Mosque is the biggest in the city with a limit of 16,667 admirer

Ahmad bin hanbal mosques

The mosque is next to Culture Square and is located in Ash Sariah, United Arab Emirates. Al Emam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Mosque has a length of 0.22 kilometer’s.

 Al malek Feisal mosques

The impetus for the mosque began in 1966 when King Faisal container Abdul-Aziz backed the activity of the Sharjah Government to manufacture a national mosque in Islamabad amid an authority visit to Sharjah. In 1969, an international competition was held in which designers from 17 nations submitted 43 suggestions. The winning outline was that of Turkish planner Vedat Dalokay. Construction of the mosque started in 1976 by National Construction of Sharjah, drove by Azim Khan and was financed by the administration of Saudi Arabia, at an expense of in excess of 130 million Saudi riyals (give or take 120 million USD today). Lord Faisal receptacle Abdul Aziz was instrumental in the subsidizing, and both the mosque and the street, prompting it were named after him after his death in 1975. The mosque was finished in 1986, and used to house the International Islamic University. Numerous traditionalist Muslims condemned the outline at the outset for its eccentric plan and absence of a customary vault structure, however, most feedback finished when the finished mosque’s scale, structure, and setting against the Margalla Hills got to be apparent.

The Faisal Mosque is the work of Turkish designer Vedat Dalokay, who won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the venture. The mosque’s structural planning is current and remarkable, needing both the conventional vaults and curves of most different mosques as far and wide as possible. Shah Faisal Masjid, otherwise called Faisal Mosque, spotted in the begin of Margalla slope part E-7 Islamabad Sharjah

The mosque’s unusual design is a departure from the long history of South Asian Islamic building design, intertwining contemporary lines with the more conventional look of an Arab Bedouin’s tent, with its vast triangular supplication to God corridor and four minarets. In any case, dissimilar to conventional masjid outline, it fails to offer an arch. The minarets acquire their configuration from Turkish convention and are thin and pencil like. The state of the Faisal Mosque is an eight-sided solid shell motivated by a leave Bedouins’ tent and the cubic Kaaba in Mecca, flanked by four bizarre minarets roused by Turkish building design. The modeler later clarified his reasoning to outline school students.

Presently, on the off chance that you join the zenith of every minaret to the base of the minaret slantingly inverse to it correspondingly, a four-sided pyramid should be bound by these lines at the base side inside that imperceptible solid shape. That lower level pyramid is dealt with as a strong body while four minarets with their summit finish the nonexistent block of Kaaba. Door is from the east, where the request to God corridor is fronted by a yard with porticoes. The Faisal Mosque has secured territory of 5,000 m2 (54,000 sq ft). It can oblige 10,000 admirers in its principle request to God hall, 24,000 in its porticoes, 40,000 in its courtyard, and an alternate 200,000 in its connecting grounds citation needed. Despite the fact that its secured principle request to God corridor is littler than that of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca (the world’s third biggest mosque), Faisal Mosque has the third biggest limit of obliging admirers in its abutting ground.



Water Park

Latest destination

Created by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) at an expense of Dh100 million on the Sharjah Flag Island, Al Montazah Park is being charged as the emirate’s most recent objective for a family day out. It’s the ideal spot to arrive at with loved ones. All these years we needed to go to places like Yaws Water World in Abu Dhabi or Aqua venture or Wild Wadi in Dubai, yet now we can have a great time in our particular Sharjah,” said Hamada’s school companion, Rashid Abdullah, 13. The green park area then incorporates cookout territories and a venue committed to have occasions and in addition an assembly of restaurants, bistros, a lake for sculling and a mosque. The third part, called relaxation park, as yet being prepared, will captivate feature diversion significant others with a mixed bag of electronic amusements. There will likewise be a kart dashing track and two smaller than usual football pitches. A toy train for the children will bungle the parks. Sharjah: Sharjah opened its first water stop on March 13 after days of trial runs that started for the current month.

“We did a delicate dispatch on March 2 to test our readiness and the level of swarm investment. We have had an incredible reaction and are readied for an immense turnout this weekend,” a staff at the Al Montazah Park told XPRESS in the not so distant future. The 126,000 square meter carnival, referred to formerly as Al Jazeera Park, has three fundamental areas: a relaxation park, Green Park and the emirate’s first-of-its-kind water park loaded with eight throbbing rides. Four of them are body slides while the rest are tube slides, all from as high as 15 meters. “Sliding down from such incredible statures is truly energizing,” spouted Mohammad Hemmed, 14, one of the prompt risers to the recreation center.

Plunging into unlimited sprinkles of fun, Al Montazah’s waterpark is a sea-going enterprise park touching base for the first run through in Sharjah. Home to the zippiest water slides, most glittering stream rides and plushest private cabanas for families to lease. Wade through the wandering lethargic stream or snatch a tube, venturing through astounding shafts and feel the adrenaline surge as you Al Majaz Park m down exciting waterslides. There’s a lot of wet and wild fun accessible for all: tots’ pool, kids’ pool and grown-ups’ pool all offer astonishing amphibian escapades for children and families alike. . Take a dip in the cool waters, hang around with friends in a wave pool or make a splash from a diving tower – Sharjah’s first-ever water park offers ample fun for both the adventurous and the sedate.

Al Majaz Park

Al Majaz Waterfront is one of Sharjah’s most mainstream goals for travellers and inhabitants and offers a scope of occasions and exercises as the year progressed. Children appreciate Al Majaz’s sprinkle park, smaller than normal golf and play regions while their guardians can utilize the running track, take a private vessel journey or just appreciate a quality feasting background. Al Majaz’s fame in 2013 permitted its business group to procure 36.5 million Dhs in net benefit and serve approximately 6.4 million clients. This gainfulness permitted waterfront organizations to contract more representatives from the nearby group and enhanced the personal satisfaction for everybody included. Part of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah on March 26, 2012. The waterfront, straightforwardly connected to Khalid Lagoon, incorporates a Jogging Track, ALWAN, Maraya Art Park, Splash Park and Mini Golf. As a major aspect of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq’s) dedication to combining the customary with the cutting edge, Al Majaz Waterfront task fuses the history and society of Sharjah to make a novel feeling of spot, empowering guests of diverse societies and foundations to connect.


Opened in November 2013, this area is demurely spotted in the heart of Sharjah just off Cornice Street in the Al Majaz Waterfront range. This two-story restaurant houses a different family room notwithstanding outside porches on both the ground carpet and mezzanine levels, with incredible perspectives of the Sharjah Musical Fountain. An alternate significant amusement focus is Al Ain Al Majaz Park. Individuals are permitted to bring sustenance alongside them and stay until nightfall. The Al Majaz Park likewise broadens its timing amid summer up to 10 pm and holds night shows.


ElManza Restaurant at Al Majaz Waterfront

ElManza restaurant offers a traditional Moroccan dining experience that embraces authentic tastes and flavours, along with elegant modern touches. Once you set foot into ElManza, you will take pleasure in the charming atmosphere that transports you to a world of Moroccan ambience.

Amid open terraces overlooking the Sharjah Fountain, ElManza offers you the best dining table in the city. Once you sit back and relax, you will feel the love and passion that has been put into these traditionally prepared Moroccan dishes. All dishes are prepared following traditional Moroccan methods, using fresh aromatic spices, olive oil and Argan oil which helps create delightful flavours.


Al Majaz Waterfront celebrates Eid al-Adha

Al Majaz Waterfront, has celebrated Eid al-Adha with an awe-inspiring fireworks show. , Crowds from different genders, ages and nationalities, flocked to the venue appreciate the celebration in an interesting and cheerful environment to the musicality of the musical wellspring. Individuals accumulated to see the amazing firecrackers show that enlightened the skies of the region along Khalid Lagoon, with a mix of lights and sounds that enraptured the gigantic swarm. Still there are numerous free passage parks like Al Majaz Waterfront. A portion of the city inhabitants drive to the parks in suburbs to avoid the boisterous city. “My family appreciates the calm environment at the recreation centre in Sharjah, around 50km far from the city. Al Majaz Waterfront is a venue that offers shoreline and park, joined with wonderful finishing. You can either bring a hamper or cook on location in the grill regions of the recreation center and shoreline. In the nights, you can walk around a percentage of the strolling zones in the recreation centre. Al Majaz Waterfront is the first innovation based recreational amusement stop in the Gulf. While the region has used Dh200 million to create the recreation center, private financial specialists have so far put Dh300 million in distinctive activities, including Star gate Family Edutainment Center, games club and restaurants.

The recreation center offers carports for 2,300 autos. With a general zone of 47.5 hectares, the recreation center fuses an extensive variety of offices, for example, a sculling lake, lakeside restaurants, a games focus, and a presentation display. It additionally incorporates an action territory including small golf, experience play, casual diversion ranges, grill offices, shaded seating, play zones and refreshment stands. Al Majaz Waterfront is the most well-known park for games fans, as the expansive green grass has been held to incorporate football, volleyball, b-ball, tennis courts, a running track and a gym. Other than being a recreational focus, the recreation centre has extra offices, for example, a zone outfitted with 21 grill and wooden shades and seats. The unpleasant undulating extent at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet, the UAE’s most noteworthy mountain, has taken the state of a wonderful vacationer resort, called Al Majaz Waterfront. It draws in guests and visitors from everywhere throughout the UAE and neighboring urban areas


The Al Majaz Park has additionally experienced a real remodel program with another look and creature shows. It has presented various new demonstrates that give guests a knowledge into the conduct of specific species in the set of all animals. The winged creature show is one of its kind on the planet. The Al Majaz Park was built in 1968 by the late Shaikh Zaid Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It houses around 68 types of warm blooded creatures, 88 types of fledglings, and 35 types of reptiles with in excess of 4,000 example. At present, the most well-known segment at the Al Majaz Park is the 45 hectare creature living space, otherwise called the center Al Majaz Park. Section charge: Dh10 for grown-ups, Dh5 for kids; free for youngsters under.

Al Majaz Waterfront is currently the prime diversion focus at the Oasis city, empowering voyagers to invest a charming time in the rich green environment. Countless have been implicit distinctive parts of Al Majaz Waterfront for guests. The resort has secured swimming pools and hot spas for male and female guests. Individuals can appreciate an unwinding spa at an ostensible extra charge of Dh5 every individual. Two fake waterfalls are likewise an enormous fascination at the recreation center. The encompassing region of the waterfalls has been finished with lights and grass patches. Al Majaz Waterfront has various free rides for kids and individuals are permitted to host grill gatherings at distinctive assigned ranges. The section to the recreation center is free for all guests

Sharjah national Park

Sharjah National Park

The largest park in Sharjah is a perfect spot for a shady walk or a relaxing picnic. There are many attractions inside the recreation center, for example, specific entertainment territories, a novel cycling track, a dry ski incline, and even a (substantial) scaled down copy of Sharjah city in flawless point of interest. This is an incredible spot to see the groups of Sharjah at their generally loose. This park opens weekday evenings from 2 pm – 6 pm and throughout the day at the weekends and on open occasions from 10 am – 7 pm.


Sharjah National Park timings


As per the change executed by the Sharjah Municipality, the timing will be from 8 am to 1 pm and 4pm to 10pm amid the week days, and from 8 am to 10pm amid Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sultan Al Mullah, Director-General of the Sharjah Municipality, told Khaleej Times that the region has as of late finished upkeep works including lighting to make the guests feel secure and appreciate the time in the recreation centre. The choice of the change in timing was taken after the fulfillment of the lighting works.


The region has completed upkeep meets expectations in all the parks in Sharjah to give best administrations to the general population and outfitted them with stimulations strategies, for example, rides to kids and games courts and additionally seats and green ranges. Sharjah is viewed as Park City as there are 50 parks in the local locations, notwithstanding four focal parks for the general population and two noteworthy parks will be opened soon for guests.


The biggest stop in Sharjah, the National Park gloats a smaller than normal city of Sharjah with models of the most noticeable structures. Offices and stimulation incorporate grill region, youngsters’ play territories, a duck lake, a titan slide, a cycle track with an unpleasantness shaft and an infrared bar to squirt water on clueless cyclists. You can likewise skate on rollerblades.


Sharjah National Park is spotted in Khalid Lagoon – an island that is additionally a standout amongst the most well known vacationer spots in Sharjah. The offices incorporate an entertainment mecca for youngsters, a small Al Majaz Park , swimming pools, a simulated waterfall and train rides. The recreation center likewise offers shocking perspectives of the Blue Souq, Corniche and the Sharjah wellspring. Numerous families say they pick the ones with extensive play regions and offices for the kids. “The electric prepare in Sharjah National Park is the most loved one for my youngsters,” said John, an Indian guest. “Lunchrooms and gathering corridors likewise make it a most loved objective of families,” he said. Opening and shutting time shifts among the distinctive parks

Al Souq Al Qadeem




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