Dam Construction Project across River Yala


River Yala is a big river the feed the great Lake Victoria in Kenya. Budlangi is a low land area that is rich in agricultural activities. During the rainy season, the river gets flooded causing destruction to the property and displacement of people. The catastrophe causes a lot of issues to the community since every year this incidence happens. As a result, people cannot get to erect any permanent structures or grow long term cash crops for their livelihood.

The proposal for construction of a dam comes as assign of relieve to the people of Budalangi. The occurrence of flooding will be eliminated completely and additionally, the dam will store water that can be utilized during the drought season for irrigating farmland. Moreover, the dam can be employed as a source of electricity to the people by transforming the stored water to electricity through hydro-generation.

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Dam Construction Project across River Yala
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The aim of the project

The project aim at making Budalangi is to make people self-sustaining through avoiding of a flood that causes disturbance and transforms the river to be a source of livelihood by stopping flooding, harnessing water for irrigation and hydro-generation of electricity.

Justification of the Project

Budalangi is a very fertile land allowing agriculture to thrive very well. The people of Budalangi are hardworking farmers. The occurrence of flood destroys the activities of Budalangi people thus rendering them poor and hopeless irrespective of their dedication to strive for their livelihood. It is with this view that the project of dam construction along the River Yala will eradicate all the miseries of the people of Budalangi and empower them to be self-sustainable and eradicate poverty.

 Community work approach or Model

There are three models that encompass the community work; community development, social planning, and social action. In this regard, the model that is adopted is local development.

Group improvement looks to engage people and gatherings of individuals with the aptitudes they have to impact change inside of their groups. These aptitudes are regularly made through the development of vast social gatherings working for a typical motivation. Group engineers must comprehend both how to function with people and how to influence groups’ positions inside of the connection of bigger social foundations (Bailey & Chatterjee, 2015).

Strategies for work with group gatherings utilized by settlement houses and as a part of “frontier” group advancement work. A noteworthy center is on the procedure of group building. Working with an expansive, agent cross-segment of the group, laborers endeavor to accomplish change goals by empowering the group to set up accord by means of the recognizable proof of regular hobbies. Administration improvement and the instruction of the members are vital components simultaneously. In this methodology, extraordinary store is situated by the estimations of both interest and authority (Ziakas et al., 2015).

Group development stresses self-improvement, common bolster, the building up of neighborhood combination, the advancement of neighborhood limits for critical thinking and self-representation, and the advancement of aggregate activity to convey a group’s inclinations to the consideration of political leaders (Collaborent, 2015).

Source: (Collaborent, 2015)

At the heart of the society are the people- the community. The aspects that affect the people are the marketplace, the workplace, and the environment. It this project the people and the environment get affected. It is therefore of essence that community engagement play a role in the transformation of Budalangi and the River Yala to be an important natural resource to the people rather than being a problem (Collaborent, 2015)

Strategies and Activities

The working purpose(s) of a given dam manages the working arrangement and the degree to which the dam stores and discharges water on a timetable that twists normal streams. The reasons of the dam will hence additionally focus the sorts of methods that can be connected to make the operational adaptability that can empower ecological streams to be restored as a lasting operational component (Ziakas et al., 2015).

When in doubt, researching open doors for altering dam operations will oblige an intensive evaluation of not just the working decides that represent the normal operations of any particular dam, additionally the physical systems by which the advantages, i.e., water, vitality, from the dam are dispersed, the end employments of those advantages, and the socio-political and financial drivers that at last manage dam operations (Johnson et al., 2015). Case in point, re-operation of a rural water supply dam may oblige evaluation of the whole watering system framework, with an eye toward changing water use practices that are eventually bringing on the undesired adjustment of the characteristic stream administration. In cases in which hydropower operations are in charge of the stream modifications, an appraisal of the whole vitality framework that incorporates the dam alongside numerous other vitality sources may be essential. At the point when the driver is surge administration, methodologies to suit bigger controlled surge occasions in the downstream floodplain may be needed. Subsequently, our dialog of chances for restoring normal streams will concentrate on the adjustment of “frameworks” rather than just dams (Narayanan & Thiagarajan, 2015).

Changing surge administration frameworks

Surge control offices can be re-worked to allow occasional immersion of floodplains for natural and floodplain generation advantages, e.g., fisheries, touching, surge subsidence, horticulture, and timber creation, if clashes with existing downstream land uses can be enhanced. An essential re-operation objective for surge control offices comprises of making conditions under which a bigger division of surge occasions can be permitted to go through the dam into the downstream floodplain. Underneath we examine a few choices for particular reconnection of floodplain ranges for surge stockpiling purposes. By restoring floodplain stockpiling limit, offices intended to control a 20-yr surge occasion may be re-worked to just control the 50-yr and higher surge occasions (Nikolakis & Grafton, 2015). The physical structure of a dam’s outlet works and spillway can be a genuine restricting element on numerous surge control dams, especially when vital auxiliary changes to empower higher surge discharges are restrictively lavish. Numerous surge control dams incorporate both an outlet channel and a spillway. Normally, the limit of the outlet funnel is too little to pass surges of the coveted greatness, and dam chiefs may be hesitant to permit water to overtop the spillway because of auxiliary or different concerns. It makes a circumstance in which the outlet funnel can just discharge what might as well be called a high-stream beat, e.g., not exactly the two-year surge, and just the most compelling substantial surges overtop the spillway, accordingly killing all little to medium-sized surges. Basic adjustment is needed in these circumstances to permit more adaptability in discharging higher-greatness occasions in a controlled manner (Varady, Kleinhans & Van Ham, 2015).

In many cases, the alteration that is important to allow more regular flooding examples is to diminish the results of intermittent immersion in the downstream floodplain. On the chance that the area use limitation is unchanging, for example, the vicinity of broad human settlements, lavish structures. In different cases, the area use imperative may be agreeable to the movement of low-esteem structures, regular surge easements over farmlands that develop yearly yields, or development of banks to forestall immersion of high-esteem ranges. In these circumstances, re-operation to enhance the biological usefulness of the downstream floodplain might, in reality, be plausible (Woodyard,  Przybyla & Hallam, 2015).

In considering the social qualities connected with surge reclamation, it is vital to note that re-setting up a floodplain immersion administration can make both the floodplain and the stream more beneficial for a mixed bag of client gatherings. The resultant improvement of fish and natural life populaces can enhance sustenance accessibility, and numerous social gatherings use fiber from floodplain reeds or trees for building materials and different purposes (Emejulu, 2015). Enhanced untamed life seeing open doors can be greatly advantageous to nearby tourism economies. It can likewise advantage agribusiness on the floodplain through the customary affidavit of supplements, flushing of soil saltiness, and the energize of groundwater aquifers. Albeit a few homes may need to be moved to higher ground to make surge reclamation conceivable, this is not caring for the resettlement issues connected with new dam development and store immersion, which decreases waterway and floodplain profitability. Here we highlight a few procedures that can make adaptability in surge administration frameworks (Kee, Kim & Phillips, 2015).

Surge directing and stockpiling in maintenance bowls

Floodwaters can be permitted to fill common melancholy on the floodplain amid times of high stream. Floodwater may stream onto the area amid times of high waterway streams and afterward exit through the same course as the stream stage brings down. Now and again, such impermanent flooding has been controlled through designed conduit structures incorporated with levees that permit water to move into the floodplain for a constrained period, and afterward accordingly release once more into the stream as water levels drop in the waterway channel. Another probability is that the overabundance stream will go down the waterway valley in a “detour” and re-enter the stream some separation downstream, viably expanding the surge transport limit amid times of high stream (Ali, & Chapman, 2015). This can give some level of surge reclamation advantage, while likewise giving surge stockpiling to decrease harms downstream. Conceivable included advantages incorporate transport of silt and supplements to agrarian grounds, renewal of floodplain aquifers, and revitalization of wetlands. The primary exchange off connected with this administration system is the loss of the utilization of the area amid immersion (Pastor Seller, 2015).

This strategy frequently obliges some settlement via landowners or different clients of the influenced regions, for example, through surge easements, buy of the area for parkland, or some other type of remuneration for any lost usage of the area or assets, e.g., subsistence floodplain cultivating or brushing (Baloch & Ali, 2015). Surge easements are concurrences with landowners that permit flooding of secretly held grounds for a constrained time. One exchange off connected with this methodology can be a postponement in planting harvests amid the immersion period, which may be a counterbalance to some degree by the expanded dampness and fruitfulness of the dirt amid the rest of the trimming season or in ensuing years. The negative reactions of flooding can be tended to by acquiring surge easements or buying the area for nature jam or different uses that are good with periodic flooding or arranging administration understandings or remuneration with proprietors of mutual grounds (Rusch, Frazier & Atkins, 2015).

Levee setback

Levees constructed along a stream can extremely confine or preclude a waterway from connecting with its floodplain. By moving levees further from the waterway channel, a stream can surge onto a more extensive spread of its floodplain. This gives advantages both regarding surge control and environmental reclamation. The further the levees are situated back from the stream, the more prominent the increment in surge stockpiling and surge related biological system advantages. These biological system advantages can incorporate the fractional or full reclamation of fluvial geomorphic procedures (Giovannini, 2015).


Assessment is an efficient determination of a subject’s legitimacy, worth, and importance, utilizing criteria represented by an arrangement of principles. It will be employed to help an association, program, venture or whatever other intercession or activity to evaluate any point, feasible idea/proposition, or any option, to help in choice making; or to learn the level of accomplishment or esteem concerning the point and destinations and consequences of any such activity that has been completed. The basic role of assessment, notwithstanding picking up knowledge into earlier or existing activities, is to empower reflection and help with the distinguishing proof of future change.


The estimated budget will be at a tune of $5million so that the whole project is completed and commissioned.

Potential Funding Sources

The potential funding sources will be from the government, and aids from EU funding initiatives in Africa.


Time/Period Activity
2015-2016 Resource mobilization
2016-2017 Project Survey and initiation
2017 Full Implementation of work
2018 Completion and handing offer



Limitations and Weaknesses of the Project

Physical imperatives postured by the dam framework, particularly the outline of the outlet works, can seriously restrict the rate at which controlled water discharges from a dam can be overseen, making it troublesome or difficult to discharge water of variable sums extending from low-stream to surge stream rates.

Dregs catching in supplies generally deliver exceedingly adjusted silt transport forms downstream of the dam. This frequently brings about adjusted channel and floodplain geometry, or down-cut riverbeds, speaking to by and large a generally distinctive physical living space layout to bolster local biological communities. On the chance that some similarity of regular stream and silt transport administrations including associations between the waterway and its floodplain cannot be kept up, rebuilding must consider whether the biological system and species that can be upheld by dam re-operation legitimize social and financial expenses.


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