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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction. 3

1.1 Company Background. 3

2.0 CRM Strategy. 5

3.0 Dimensions of Customer Relationship Management 5

4.0 Objectives of Customer Relationship Management 6

5.0 Developing CRM Strategies. 7

5.1 Company strategy. 7

5.2 Consumer Strategy. 7

5.3 The Value Formation Procedure. 8

5.3.1 The Value the Consumer Enjoys. 8

5.3.2 The Value the Company Obtains and Life Span Value. 8

5.4 Information Management Procedure. 9

5.5 Performance Evaluation Procedure. 9

6.0 Conclusion. 10

7.0 References. 11


1.0 Introduction

Customer relationship has been a remarkable move towards creating a mechanism that can enhance means for maintaining personal reliability. To be aware of customer relationship management (CRM), one has to value the constantly shifting nature of the customer (Greenberg 2010).  There are a huge number of companies paying outing a great amount of their finances on CRM making it imperative for service firms to identify the aims of their CRM proposals and the type of payback accrued by these companies. According to Shanmugasundaram (2008), CRM is a business plan to attain, raise and maintain profitable customer relationships with the aim of building a sustainable competitive edge. CRM is a critical strategy as relationships are coming to the front position of the competitive arena. There should be a mutual win for customers and all the firms’ stakeholders including employees and business partners for instance suppliers, debtors and creditors.

The concept of CRM enhances firms to modify particular manufactured goods and services according to every consumer’s requirements. It is possible to produce a personalised customised, face to face practice that will make the customer believe that he/she is being valued by the company enhancing creation of new markets chances that are found on tastes, earlier purchasing behavior and past buying characteristics of the consumer. A customer is placed at the middle of a firm, consumer service is one of the important components of CRM but CRM also deals with managing customer relations within all company functions, places of contact and meetings (Almotairi 2009).

1.1 Company Background

Ryanair Ltd. is one of the pioneer airlines to offer cheap scheduled passenger services. From 1985, Ryanair followed the footsteps of southwest airlines by consequently saving costs and offering low cost flights. The airline firm headquarters are located at Dublin, Ireland and has an employee capacity of about 4,200 employees. The airline operates with a fleet size of 120 Boeing 737-800 (Ryanair 2007). They have a Mission statement that they want to be one of the Europe’s most yielding and cheapest airlines. The company has an objective of establishing itself as Europe’s an airline that offers low-fares through improving and expanding services at low-fare (Ryanair 2007).

Ryanair uses the internet to communicate with their customers. They are well positioned with big plans for expansion, analysing their macro environment (Ryanair 2010).  Tickets are sold online direct to the customers. Ryanair has been able to differentiate itself in the air industry by satisfying its customers since customers want flights to be affordable and quick. Customers not only pay less but also receive better services than Ryanair’s close competitors. Thus Ryanair has gone a mile ahead to improve both the positives that customers want when flying. Through their website Ryanair is able to reach its customers.

Figure 1 Market Positioning on the European Airline Market

Source:  Ryanair (2007)

2.0 CRM Strategy

The main aim of CRM strategy is to come up with means of providing best value to consumers in more competent ways that employees identify as pleasing. The approach should be perfect for the consumer, the staff and the company. If the approach is not perfect for the customer Ryanair suffers sales and loyalty loss. The brand also has no future, it has to be good for the employee since if not they won’t be motivated to deliver the best damaging both the firm and the customers (Band et al. 2008). How good it is determines how motivated employees and customers are in continued investment. Due to competitive global market improved services are vital and the aim of the CRM strategy benefits the firm, clients, and staffs equally.

3.0 Dimensions of Customer Relationship Management  

CRM helps Ryanair to successfully allot available possessions to the segment of customers that is yielding most by identifying customer. CRM begins with potential consumer identification also referred to as customer acquisition. The stage aims at winning prospect consumers that could be most yielding. At this phase the lost customers due to competition can be analysed and how to win they trust again (Charalampos & Chang 2008). Consumer drawing; the step follows consumer recognition, the firms goes ahead to straight endeavor and possessions into pulling towards the intended subdivision. A component of client appealing could be express selling which is an encouragement procedure which encourages clients to place orders through various outlets (Richards & Jones 2008). Consumer maintenance; it is the essential apprehension of CRM. Exceeding consumer’s expectations is an essential condition of retaining customers (Charalampos & Chang 2008). The essentials of client maintenance are face-to-face marketing, reliability systems, and grievances supervision. Face-to-face selling refers to personalised selling movements that are enhanced by sensing and foreseeing transformations in client’s conduct (Ngai et al. 2009). Client enlargement; this engages a reliable extension of business deal, concentration and client’s productivity. The element of purchaser duration worth examination is clear as the forecast of the entire net earnings a firm may look forward to achieve from a client (Kostojohn et al.2011).

4.0 Objectives of Customer Relationship Management

According to Dyche (2010) organisations pay for CRM products and services following the goals, consumer yielding and significance reproducing; Rynair is able to identify their  important consumers and worth maintaining. A firm could also gauge the consumers whom are responsive   to prices and those who bring small yields and low volume purchasers. Customer retention; it is vital to identify and appreciate that a portion of customers have left and specifically who they are. Identifying the reason behind their departure is a hard task. If a company loses more customers that means more revenues are lost by the firm. It is also a hard task to retain the existing one but it is much cheaper to retain them than acquiring new one (Frow 2011). Cross-selling and up-selling; this is concerned with identifying kind of products and services will add to customers total yielding. Extended-selling is trading a commodity or the service to a consumer that he/she had previously bought, the aim being to have repeated sales. Selling- more, encouraging a faithful consumer to purchase more yielding products and services. Extended-selling helps a firm trade the appropriate commodity and services to the appropriate consumers within the appropriate time frame. Behaviour prediction; firms are able to consider the most probable action of the consumer. According Ranjan & Bhatnagar (2008) data mining techniques are used to predict customer’s behaviour and foretell consumer’s prospect conduct. The important thing is a Rynair can actually identify who potential consumers could be. Personalisation is the capability of the company to tailor communication, commodity and services on foundation of the facts and tastes of the customers. This eliminates the guesswork and improving appreciative of consumers and their tastes over that client’s dealings with the firm (Tuzhilin 2012).

5.0 Developing CRM Strategies

The development entails a double focal point to the organisation’s company plan and its client policy. How effectively the two interconnect essentially influences the achievement of its CRM plan.

5.1 Company strategy 

It’s important to first consider business strategy before one determines the way the client policy could be expanded and the way it could change in future. The company plan procedure could start by means of an assessment of the firm’s vision, particularly as it relates to CRM (Ko et al. 2008). The industry competitive environment should as well be assessed.

5.2 Consumer Strategy  

Firm objectives are under the control of chief executive officer, the board of governors and a plan manager, whereas client policy is normally the duty of the selling subdivision. CRM needs a team approach but it is regularly vested in individual based responsibilities, together with information and technology and selling (Lambert 2009). Consumer policy entails investigating present and prospect consumer foundation and coming up with types of partitioning that can be appropriate. Majority of the writers advocates in shift from a group market to that one of personalised or face to face marketing setting. Ryanair can exploit internet selling chances and essential cost-effective type of the internet to allow a great extent get into the market of partitioning. The plan expansion procedure includes a comprehensive evaluation of company plan and advancement of suitable consumer policy (Frow 2011). With this a firm is in a position to build up and put into practice its CRM actions.

5.3 The Value Formation Procedure

The value formation procedure converts the yields of a plan progress route interested in systems that together pull out and bring significance (Ata & Toker 2012). It has three elements which includes, influencing the worthiness Ryanair could offer the consumers, focussing which worthiness Rynair airline could receive from the clients and effectively overseeing worthiness trade that engages maximisation of long-term worthiness of attractive consumer subdivision.

5.3.1 The Value the Consumer Enjoys

Worthiness obtained as of Rynair draws on the concept of the gains that improves the customer offer. Firm to firm and services selling perceives the client as a co inventor and co maker (Kim & Kim 2009). The gains might be integrated in the structure of a worth plan so as to describe connection along with the well doing of the commodity, the satisfaction of client’s requirements and the entire expenditure  to the consumer (Richards & Jones2008). To conclude whether the value of plan is probable to an outcome of a better purchaser satisfaction Rynair should perform a value appraisal to measure the virtual significance that clientele set on the a variety of qualities of a commodity. Analytical tools may be used to determine customers with similar favourites considering commodity qualities. Such a tool could as well disclose considerable sell subdivisions through provision requirements which are not entirely addressed through qualities of the real offers (Frow & Payne 2009).

5.3.2 The Value the Company Obtains and Life Span Value  

As of this viewpoint Rynair consumer worthiness is a result of co creation of worthiness, the utilisation of enhanced attainment and preservation plans and the utilisation of successful means supervision. Basic to this notion of customer worthiness is further research to conclude how the present and prospect consumer’s yielding differs transversely in various consumers and consumers subdivisions (Kevork &Vrechopoulos 2009). It is also vital to determine the financial side of customer attainment and consumers preservation and chances for selling between clients, inducing clients to purchase more and generating clients support should be appreciated (Nguyen & Papadopoulos 2011). These basics add to increase client’s duration. Client’s preservation corresponds to a significant piece of explore on worthiness generation. When a firm calculates the customer lifetime of various segments it is able to concentrate with the most yielding clients and client subdivisions. Worthiness generation procedure is one of the critical components of CRM since it interprets firm and consumer long term plans into particular worth offer declarations which expresses which worthiness is to be given to the client.

5.4 Information Management Procedure

This procedure is interested in compilation and application of client’s facts and in order in all Rynair’s client’s interaction areas to come up with consumers near and suitable selling reactions (Ngai et al. 2009).  The main components of the information supervision procedure are the facts storeroom that gives a business recollection of consumers, IT system which comprise of the firm’s computer hardware, systems and network, examination implements and workplace face and backside office functions that supports most of the performance concerned in bordering straight with clients and supervising in-house process, running and provider dealings (Greenberg 2010).

5.5 Performance Evaluation Procedure

The performance evaluation procedure covers important duty of making certain that Ryanair’s planned objectives in conditions of CRM are brought towards a suitable as well as satisfactory benchmark and fundamental for prospect enhancement is set up (Elmuti et al. 2009).  The main components of this process are shareholder results; in order for a firm to attain the crucial purpose of CRM they opt to believe how to put up staff worthiness, client value and investor value and how to cut costs. Performance supervising; for a firm to become customer oriented they need to monitor and measure their CRM performance.

6.0 Conclusion

Ryanair has exhibited being successful in the past and not known to be second to anyone. Just like any other company Ryanair spends quite amount of their budget on CRM to win new customers and retain the existing customers. Ryanair creates an internet platform to foster their communication with their customers. They sell their tickets online minimising time wastage and they are not only cheap but deliver the best airline services. For one to understand the objectives and strategies of CRM one must study the customers’ point of view and firm’s perspective. For instance for a company to win customers loyalty and profitability it has to be dedicated to the client but not vice versa for it to remain competitive. The concept of CRM provides firms with opportunities to modify specific products and services according to conformance of each and every customer need. They are able to personalise customise, a one-to-one experience that gives the individual customer sense of being cared for thus creating new marketing opportunities based on preferences, previous behaviour and history of the customer. CRM dimensions help an organisation to come up with the best strategy of identifying, attracting, retaining and developing customers of lifetime.  There should be a mutual win-win between a firm and its customers, that is there should a value creation in the process of CRM.


7.0 References

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