Coca-Cola Marketing Report paper

Coca-Cola Marketing Report


Table of Contents

Company Address. 1

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Coca-Cola Marketing Report paper
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Company Background. 1

History of the Products. 2

External Marketing Environment 2

Political Factors. 2

Economic Factors. 3

Social Factors. 4

Legal Factors. 5

Competitors Analysis. 5

Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies. 6

Market segmentation. 6

Positioning Strategies. 6

Targeting Strategies. 7

Coca Cola Product Strategy. 7

Pricing Strategy. 8



Promotional Strategies. 9

Public Relationship Strategy and Tactics. 10

Press Conference. 11

Coca Cola distribution strategy. 11

Conclusion. 11

References. 13

Company Address

Coca-Cola. This company has a different address on the planet in light of the fact that the organization is arranged in different nations on the planet. Anyway, the accompanying location is that of it’s headquarter. Coca Cola Plz NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, USA. The modeler was FABRAP and the architect Bob Foker. The building and complex is spotted over the road from Georgia Institute of Technology and Midtown Atlanta. In May 2011, to praise the 125th commemoration of Coca-Cola, a projection screen was made for the building that would show different Coke promotions during the time furthermore changed the incorporating with a tremendous container of ice which then was “filled” with Coke

Company Background

The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is established 1886 and known as world’s biggest drink organization which refreshments sold in excess of 200 nations with an utilization rate of 1.6 billion servings a day (The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2010). The item was presented in 1886 began in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John S. Pemberton, which initially offered as a wellspring drink by blending Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water. In 1895, Coca-Cola is enrolled as a trademark in 1893 and now being sold in every state and domain outside of the United Arab Emirates. Pepsi is the primary adversary of Coca-Cola which holds 30.8% US piece of the overall industry and Coca-Cola holds 41.8% offer (Beverage Digest’s 2008). A year ago, organization endures a decrease in working net income because of the variance of money and the developing of adhering to good diet ways of lifestyles (Weber, Story & Harnack, 2006).

History of the Products

Coca-cola is the most familiar product in the world and is one of the biggest offering soda pop from the past. Coca-cola was imagined on eighth May 1886 by Dr. John Stith Pemberton in Georgia and the brand was possessed in 1889 by Asa Candler who had profited by offering coca-cola. Coca-cola was presented as a pop wellspring refreshment to start with made by blending coca-cola syrup with carbonated water at Jacob’s drug store, Atlanta. At present Coca-cola gives around 400 brands in over about 200 nations that make coca-cola the world’s biggest drink organization. In a review of 2001 coca-cola was the 41st on the rundown of the 100 strongest monetary elements (Schuiling & Kapferer, 2004). The Coca-Cola Company is the biggest beverage organization on the planet, serving clients from more than 200 nations with in excess of 500 separate brands. In spite of the fact that it is clear that Coca-Cola is best known for Coca-Cola, its aggregate extent covers both shimmering and still drives and its 14 billion dollar portfolio incorporates both comprehensively known and confined brands.


External Marketing Environment

Political Factors

Government plays a role within the operation of assembling this item in term of regulation. Furthermore in the event that they don’t take after any of the single law then there is potential fine situated by the Government on organization. So, therefore, Non-fermented drinks fall inside the nourishment classification under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) (Schuiling & Kapferer, 2004). Two Cola-Cola workers urged individuals in Copenhagen to never drink the soda again, censuring their organization’s natural and human rights record in an exceptionally unordinary press conference in the Copenhagen LIVE range in City Hall Square Political variable additionally influence if there is change in the non-alcoholic business environment. These incorporate, without constraint, aggressive item and valuing weights and their capacity to increase or keep up offer of offers in the worldwide market as a consequence of activity by contenders.

Economic Factors

But since of forceful activity by the Federal Reserve and Congress it will be short and mellow. The monetary framework will coming to consistent, positive development in the first 50% of 2002. The United Arab Emirates was beginning to see the economy recoup marginally and it is just barely as of late that they attained the monetary levels. Customers are presently continuing their ordinary propensities, heading off to the shopping centers, auto shopping, and consuming out at restaurants. Then again, a lot of people are even now taking care of their cash carefully. They accept that with lower swelling still to come, buyers will recuperate their certainty through the following year. The non-jazzed up refreshment industry has high deals in nations outside the U.S. As per the Standard and Poor’s Industry overviews, “For major soda pop organizations, there has been financial change in numerous major worldwide markets, for example, Japan, Brazil, and Germany.” These businesses will keep on assuming a real part in the achievement and stable development for a lion’s share of the non-hard drink industry. The salary charge installment has expanded from 1.5 billion USD in 2006 to 1.9 billion USD in 2007. Anyhow the capital uses have additionally expanded from 1.4 billion USD in 2006 to 2 billion USD in 2008. Still the organization figured out how to have income of 31.9 billion USD in 2008 (Schuiling & Kapferer, 2004).

In 2008, the world confronted the worldwide monetary crunch and this regularly had an effect on the organization. The principle purpose behind this was that 75% of organization’s deals is inferred outside of UAE. Anyhow, reports uncovered that the organization was very little influenced by the financial downturn. The principal quarterly aftereffects of 2009 demonstrated that the deals have expanded by 2 percent in UAE and by 3 percent far and wide. This was on account of the organization situated it well in the worldwide markets (Nestle, 2000).

The organization likewise had an astounding increment in business in India. In 2009, the organization’s business expanded by 31 percent in this nation in spite of the different natural challenges against it. Anyhow the last quarter aftereffects of 2009 demonstrated a decline of 18 percent in the organization’s benefit around the world (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011). This demonstrates that the organization hopes to have a brilliant year ahead.

Social Factors

In the course of recent years the quantities of individuals who are cognizant about their wellbeing have expanded exponentially. This is particularly valid in UAE where more individuals are honing healthier ways of life. Examines demonstrate that pop and other sweetened beverages are the boss calorie sources in the eating methodology of an UAE. Because of this, specialists and nutritionists counsel individuals to lessen the everyday utilization of beverages like Coca-Cola since they can be unsafe to their wellbeing. In UAE, beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi were discovered to be the principle explanation behind weight among adolescent kids and ladies. Studies have likewise uncovered that consistent admission of Coke and so forth items decrease the assimilation of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Ascorbic corrosive, Riboflavin and Vitamin A. Accordingly the organization is confronting a setback from the nation of origin itself. In 2005, numerous legal advisors and hippies charged a claim against Coca-Cola and other soda pops industry for exorbitant offering of their brands in schools (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011).

Separated from that there are number of social wanders into which the organization is into. It is giving assets like books and grants to poor kids. Separated from that it has presented a system in Pakistan that is into giving essential training to kids. In 2004, the organization gave AED50, 000 to SOS Kinderdorf, a youngsters’ philanthropy association in United Arab Emirates. An entirety of 1 million USD was additionally given for mindfulness against HIV/AIDS in 2011.

Technological Factors

The organization improvement relies on upon the engineering they utilize and it help the organization to bring the level of the organization to the more than the normal. In 2007, it concocted another engineering that would help clients to have ice-chilled coke wherever they need. This engineering will work in such a path, to the point that when the top of the jug is opened, the component inside will make ice out of the beverage inside. The organization additionally presented this engineering in 2008 with another item called Sprite Super Chilled (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011).

In that year, the organization reported to utilize coolers and candy machines free of HFC in the venues of 2008 Olympic Games to demonstrate its dedication towards environment assurance. The organization created this engineering together with Green Peace. In the year 2009, the organization brought an alternate engineering into their candy machines. These Freestyle machines will be having touch screens and the client can stir up to a mixture of 100 beverages at a solitary time (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011). In 2009 itself the organization presented containers which are mostly produced using plants and thus can be reused totally. This flask additionally has a decreased carbon outflow when contrasted and customary plastic jugs.

Legal Factors

Lawful perspective concentrates on the impact of the national and world enactment. The Coca Cola Company gets all the rights material in the way of their business and each innovations and item improvements are continually going into the protected methodology.

Competitors Analysis

Competitors include Pepsico and Dr Pepper Snapple yet coca cola is situated as the main soda pops vender internationally with its deals in drink positioning position 2 while its water deals rank position 3. The inside elements influencing the business operations incorporate its workforce & abilities, shareholders, accounts and innovation application & generation framework. Different elements influencing operations incorporate potential clients & markets and suppliers while outer environment components incorporate; monetary, political & legitimate, social and innovative variables. The organizations’ focused surroundings is controlled by the current competition, new contestants, substitutes, suppliers and Buyers arranging force (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011).

Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies

Market segmentation

Market segmentation distinguishing definitively distinctive buyer bunches. The methodology includes discovering the diversification sorts of clients that exist in the business sector and what are their needs. Clients come in diversification structures as some interest execution, speed, largeness, wellbeing, and uniqueness while others request innovation (Foster, 2008). The division choices accessible to Coca-Cola Company incorporate, division focused around demographic variables, behavioral variables and division focused around profit looked for.

Segmentation option focused around demographic variables is focused around measurements, for example, salary level, area, instruction level, age and sex of the purchasers. On account of the Coca-Cola Company, it is not difficult to portion its market-focused around demography since diversification parts of the world have distinctive demographic variables. The division focused around shopper conduct is yet an alternate division alternative accessible to Coca-Cola Company. A few shoppers depict solid brand steadfastness while others depict powerless brand reliability. Others are substantial clients of a given brand while others are light clients. These are practices which can be utilized to fragment a business sector

Another market segmentation business sector division alternative accessible to Coca-Cola Company is division focused around profit looked for (Foster, 2008). Distinctive shopper gatherings look for changed things from utilization of a given item. This is more normal in diversification age bunches where the youthful era look for various types of fulfillment and emotions from utilize an item as contrasted with the old era. On account of Coca-Cola Company there are shoppers who try to extinguish their thirst, others look to invigorate their bodies, different looks to fortify their bodies while others look for nourishment (De Mooij, 2013).

Positioning Strategies

Positioning in marketing terms means executing a picked picture and speak to the picked business sector portion. This includes executing the focuses on that have been set to be accomplished from the picked business sector fragment (Kumar, 2010). The best situating procedure that Coca-Cola Company can embrace is separation advertising technique. Since the suggested division methodology was focused around demographic variables, it is they prudent for the organization to receive separation advertising system to position itself in the distinguished business fragments.

Differentiation strategy involves distinguishing products or offering from the others in order to make them appealing to a specific business sector portion. Items are separated from other comparative items delivered by the contender or even from other item offerings from the same organization (Kotelnikov, 2010). This technique helps an organization further bolstering addition good fortune. Separating items serves to make some feeling of uniqueness of the items furthermore make a feeling of worth to the customers. Separation is possible through uncommon bundling, marking, and publicizing. On account of Coca-Cola Company, a business sector section with high pay earners, say in the urban zone, the items can be separated with those to be sold to low wage earners’ portion, say in rustic territories.

Differentiation here can be in the form of packaging; whereby those living in urban territories may have the drinks stuffed in extravagant and stylish jars or containers which are disposable since it is basic for urban inhabitants to purchase takeaway nourishment items. For those in rustic zones, the same brand of refreshment can be pressed in littler bundles or in returnable holders so the value charged is a bit lower contrasted with the cost of the same drink in non-returnable compartments.

Targeting Strategies

Coca-Cola is using Mass Marketing focusing on methodology. Mass Marketing method is the technique to overlook business sector portion contrasts and focus overall business with one offer, it concentrate on what is regular in the needs of shopper instead of on what is diversification (De Mooij, 2013)

Coca Cola Product Strategy

Coca Cola was definitely focused on the internationalization of is brand. In this way, it exists in just about 200 nations and has a worldwide brand esteem and brand dependability as opposed to most brands on the planet. These days, Coke needs to raise brand dependability and brand value, all through correspondence, additionally development with a specific end goal to separate is item.

A differentiation strategy is the advancement of an item or administration that offers extraordinary and separating qualities which are esteemed by clients and see to be superior to or not the same as the results of the opposition

It has thus based its strategy its system with respect to broadening as its principle image is inferred by sub-items keeping up a solid connection with Coca Cola: the Diet Coke Cola (Coca Cola light, zero), Lemon Coke, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke it is all the more around a method of focusing on the primary item, with a specific end goal to expand the volume of offers (De Mooij, 2013)

The Coca Cola formula is THE secret of the company. It is a standout amongst the most held competitive advantage ever, and just few representatives have entry to it. A book, “For God, Country and Coca Cola”, has proposed a formula of coca cola, yet it is not the complete unique one

The packaging and shapes of Coca Cola items are differentiated and adjusted to the target and to the snippet of utilization. The center brand is Coke (top rated soda around the globe) and contains diversification sort of items. In this manner, everywhere throughout the world, the fantastic Coke had the same shade: red. This is the shade customer’s partner with coca cola. Coca cola is focused on strict ecological rules keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee quality for the customer additionally to guarantee the bundling has as less as could be expected under the circumstances effect on environment

Pricing Strategy

Coca Cola has intense competition rivalry with Pepsi so its valuing can’t surpass an excessive amount of nor diminishing excessively as contrasted with the cost of Pepsi Cola. In the event that cost of the Coca Cola surpass excessively from the Pepsi then individuals will move to the Pepsi Cola and then again if the cost of Coca Cola declines individuals may get the feeling that its quality is likewise low


Coca Cola has offered limited time costs often. Particularly on some event Coca Cola decreases its rates like in Ramadan Coca Cola diminishes its rate unto 5 Rupees on 1.5 liter flask


In an economy like that of UAE, customers have a tendency to switch towards a low estimated item. Coca Cola’s target is to focus on every shopper of the nation so Coca Cola needs to set its costs at such a level which nobody can offer to its customers. That is the reason Coca Cola charges the same costs as are generally charged by its rivals. Something else, buyers may strive for Pepsi Cola in the event of accessibility of Coca Cola at moderately high cost

Promotional Strategies

Advertising includes getting the right item to the perfect spot, at the ideal time, at the right cost and with the most suitable special movement. Coca-Cola has dependably possessed the capacity to make the most fitting showcasing blend. Publicizing is a significant component of the advancement blend. Individual offering, deals advancement, exposure and publicizing are the four components of the advancement blend. Publicizing has been considered the best system for advancement on the grounds that it animates deals, makes request and achieves client rapidly and viably (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011). Coca-Cola has through the years merged its administration position as the world’s most renowned and biggest refreshment organization with colossal interests in promoting focused at its current and potential customers around the world. Coca-Cola lives up to expectations in association with heading promoting offices and statistical surveying organizations the world over to create compelling publicizing crusades that adjusts to current patterns in data engineering like the utilization of web based mediums like face book and twitter to unite with innovation adoring target crowd (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011)

The organization’s signature shade red was the fundamental color seen all through the Coca-Cola Olympic city. Coca-Cola digressed from the conventional practice of utilizing competitors for publicizing for the diversions to concentrate rather on a fan-based procedure where plugs, print ads and publications where used to exhibit the distinction made to the result of the recreations by the eagerness of the fans. Coca-Cola utilized the recreations as a worldwide development technique used to focus on the overall gathering of people tuned in for the diversions. Coca-Cola likewise utilized a standout amongst the most effective procedures for picking up presentation in publicizing history which is the supporting of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic light transfer (Wieden and Kennedy, 1996). The effect of Coca-colas commercials amid the Olympics was immense to the point that individuals named the occasion the “Coca-Cola Olympics”. The occasion served as a methods for the organization to adequately promote its image to an overall group of onlookers.

In 2003, Coca-Cola utilized the advertising stage labeled “genuine” to improve the picture of the brand through the utilization of TV notices. This specific promoting methodology was particularly focused for the young people and adolescent grown-ups with reverberating achievement. In that year, the tropical sprite remix TV promotions which was proposed to increment and reconnect the sprite trademark was additionally focused at the youthful, urban purchaser base (Coca-Cola yearly report, 2003).

In 2006, the “make the most of each drop ” promoting in the United Arab Emirates was intentionally intended to make mindfulness among shoppers on the medical advantages of Coca-colas refreshment portfolio in a reaction to becoming concerns by customers paying little mind to age on wellbeing concerns like calorie admission and heftiness. The “coke side of life” fight which was the first ever coordinated showcasing crusade for trademark Coca-Cola was proposed to imply the binding together part of Coca-Cola in everyday life and has performed better than past Coca-Cola ads and was propelled in just about 100 businesses in 2006 with incredible achievement. The “satisfaction plant” TV ad is a piece of this worldwide battle (Coca-Cola yearly report, 2006).

In 2009, Coca-Cola started the configuration for notice methodologies to be utilized for the 2010 Fifa world glass battle which included beautiful TV commercials for the soccer celebration in South Africa in 2010 as a method for uniting Coca-colas abundance with the overall affection for soccer in this way using the soccer party as a veritable method for associating with purchasers overall who have massive enthusiasm for the love of football

Public Relationship Strategy and Tactics

Everything organization needs to have long haul Strategy showcasing view and Short term “Strategic” advertising operation. Vital promoting of the organization is for a long stretch that stretches out for one year, and may be cover three to five years. As indicated by Philip Henslowe (2008) Public connection are exceptionally critical piece of the promoting it incorporates Strategic and Tactics. Coca-Cola’s is declaring progressed open connection on the grounds that its more than its general wellbeing. Advertising are about the correspondence in the telecast with Coca-Cola’s and with whom it has numerous types of the contacts. To make an open connection Coca-Cola’s is utilizing diversification strategy (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011)

Press Conference

Coca-Cola’s is going to question and answer session to create their advertising with the clients. Its target media is Television, Radio, Newspapers, Internet and their site in the question and answer session its making mindfulness and pulls in the client by their item and administrations through utilizing media and much obliged the worker and clients for their endeavors and diligent work..

Coca Cola distribution strategy

The Coca-Cola Company offers its items to packaging and canning operations, wholesalers and retailers. These then courses them to retail outlets, milk bar and corner stores, restaurants, petrol stations and newsagents. Coke’s transport structure is a champion among the most indispensable and is amazingly extraordinary stood out from all distinctive drinks in the characterization (Schuiling & Kapferer, 2004)It has such an effect on shoppers and is successful to the point that even wholesalers and merchants require the item for their business’ prosperity. Coke’s position on purchaser’s brain makes it key to retailers, wholesalers and far from home market. They have accomplished their objective because of this high deceivability, and to the accessibility of the items everywhere throughout the world, even in remote spots.


The investigation demonstrates that Coca Cola is the main dealer in the soda pops industry where operations are liable to various organizations natural elements some inside deciding its qualities and shortcomings and others outer deciding its chances and risks. The business strives to accomplish its objectives of turning into the sodas brand of decision and enhancing gainfulness by fragmenting the business sector and giving the fitting brands to the target gatherings coupled with a showcasing blend of item situating, evaluating, conveyance and advancement methods. In light of Coca Cola’s present circumstance, the prescribed changes in the showcasing blend to accomplish the set destinations for the year 2012 will be effective if the opportunities accessible are tapped by using the business qualities while tending to the shortcomings and taking care of conceivable risks.


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Weber, K., Story, M., & Harnack, L. (2006). Internet food marketing strategies aimed at children and adolescents: a content analysis of food and beverage brand web sites. Journal of the American    Dietetic Association, 106(9), 1463-1466.









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