Confucian Social System

Name Course Instructor Date Confucian Social System From the 6th century, Confucianism has offered values, learning, and social code to the Chinese. Besides, the Chinese authority for over 1000 years, has been grounded in the Confucian philosophy advocating for the preliminary order. It stated that there is a natural harmony connecting man, nature, and heavens… Continue reading Confucian Social System

The film Outsourced

Outsourced Name Date Institution The film ‘Outsourced’ has handled the need to respect customers and culture with the magnitude it deserves. It shows the weaknesses of each and the strengths of each culture. The film shows the western culture and the Indian culture, their differences, and how it is hard to fit in the other.… Continue reading The film Outsourced

Composition about Flowers from Another World

Professor’s Name Student’s Name Course Date Composition about Flowers from Another World Flores de Otro Mundo (Flowers from Another World) recounts to the tale of Santa Eulalia, a little Castilian town losing a significant number of its positions and youngsters to corporate horticulture and the bait of enormous urban communities. The more seasoned men of… Continue reading Composition about Flowers from Another World

Ostomies Skin Integrity

Ostomies-Skin Integrity Student’s Name University Course Professor’s Name Date Ostomies-Skin Integrity Various studies have been conducted regarding ostomies, and they all draw different conclusions. Schreiber’s article explains different types of ostomies, and potential problems associated with peristomal skin, their interventions, the proper care to mitigate these risks, nutrition associated with ostomies, and patients’ self-care. Another… Continue reading Ostomies Skin Integrity

Description of Utilitarianism

Replies to Question and Answers Name Institution Course Number/ Name Instructor Date Replies to Question and Answers Reply One Utilitarianism is a concept that is gaining recognition in the various debates. I believe that your topic is an excellent one since it encompasses how individuals should behave in societies. However, before discussing what you have… Continue reading Description of Utilitarianism

Corporate level strategies

Institution Instructor Student name Course title Date Article summary Corporate level strategies In the corporate level strategies, some decisions need to be met by the officials. For instance, there is a need to determine whether the corporate profiles would work as a single business or in other related businesses. Each profile chosen has its pros… Continue reading Corporate level strategies

Organizational performance and organization’s culture

Organization Culture Tutor Name Course Date Organizational performance highly depends on the organization’s culture.  Culture is the attitude, belief, and values which govern the organizational performance. Organizations often create organizational culture as they are no common set guidelines of organizational culture. Managerial departments in an organization come up with cultural norms related to the values… Continue reading Organizational performance and organization’s culture

Why some groups are more vulnerable to poverty than others

Poverty Length Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State) Date Why are some groups in society more vulnerable to poverty than others? Any person can fall on difficult times and find it hard to sustain their lives. Some life changes such as illness, unemployment, or family separation can occur to any individual, thereby increasing… Continue reading Why some groups are more vulnerable to poverty than others

Philosophy of Religion

Institution Instructor Student Name Course Title Philosophy of Religion Introduction Plato’s Parmenides comprises of essential evaluations of the philosophy forms. They are majorly doctrines expressed and fortified by the charter Socrates in Plato’s middle era discussions, which are epistemological and metaphysical beliefs (Republic II-X). The principles consist of unchanging, single, eternal, and indivisible state matching… Continue reading Philosophy of Religion