Quantitative Analysis in Marketing

Quantitative Analysis in Marketing Student’s Name Institution Abstract Quantitative research in marketing has its roots in both the world’s positivist perspective and the advanced marketing perspective. This is because marketers evaluate the data obtained (mathematically, statistically, and numerically) to comprehend the target market’s needs and further develop the marketing plans and strategies that align with… Continue reading Quantitative Analysis in Marketing

Unreliable Research paper

Unreliable Research Name Institution Unreliable Research Trouble at the Lab, which explains some of the more nuanced details of the problems within quantitative data—namely, statistics and experiment replicability. The widespread nature of statistical mistakes can be attributed to several factors that result in trouble in the lab situation. The mistakes are made evident by the… Continue reading Unreliable Research paper

The Thirteenth Amendment

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date The Thirteenth Amendment The thirteenth amendment in the United States was passed in January 1865, signed by the president in February 1865, and later on, legalized in December 1865. The main aim of this amendment was to outlaw slavery in the nation. This paper focuses on the stimulus factors… Continue reading The Thirteenth Amendment

Managing diversity discussion

MANAGING DIVERSITY STUDENT NAME UNIVERSITY Managing diversity Diversity simply means the existence of variation of different characteristics in a group of people. Diversity includes how individuals identify themselves and how other people perceive them (Dyson, 2020) . It is influenced by race , gender , religion , culture, origin , language, and tradition (Dyson, 2020). Diversity can… Continue reading Managing diversity discussion

Sustainability and Real Estate Values

Sustainability and Real Estate Values Introduction Sustainability is increasingly gaining attention among the commercial real estate tenants, investors’ and owners. The green buildings’ outcomes impact long-term valuation as well as profitability in short-term basis. Valuation of property entirely needs inclusion of sustainable methodologies to achieves the best results. The management stakeholders’ are responsible for incorporating… Continue reading Sustainability and Real Estate Values

Nurse education through social media

Nurse education through social media Student’s Name: Institution Affiliation:              Nurse education through social media Social media popularity has created a platform that has made sharing of information among people simple and convenient. Educating the public about nursing through social media is an emerging trend even though social media’s medical content is not protected by ( Family Educational… Continue reading Nurse education through social media

Misappropriation of cash

Misappropriation of cash Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Misappropriation of cash Cash misappropriation is a white-collar crime that involves theft and d misuse of organization money and assets. Cash misappropriations are the most common white-collar criminals target as it includes checks, currency and money orders. Check transaction has a higher risk due to tampering with checks… Continue reading Misappropriation of cash

Abolition of Slavery in the U.S

Instructor Student Institution Course Date Abolition of Slavery in the U.S. Slavery in the U.S. was a legal institution of human enslavement that primarily focused on Africans and African Americans. Since its founding in the United States of America in 1776, slavery existed in the United States up to 1865, when the 13th amendment was… Continue reading Abolition of Slavery in the U.S

Industry’s dominant economic features

What are the industry’s dominant economic features? Various economic dominant features are supporting Batterjee Medical College. There is a high growth rate in the organization. The point is that the college has been so far able to enroll many learners compared to other schools in Saudi Arabia. ,,,,,,,,,,, cites that Batterjee Medical College was started… Continue reading Industry’s dominant economic features