Exploratory research question on capital punishment

Prompt  Exploratory research question either for or against capital punishment Should capital punishment be carried out considering the human rights trends around the globe? Descriptive research question either for or against capital punishment How should capital punishment be performed considering the importance of protecting the dignity of the accused person? An explanatory research question either… Continue reading Exploratory research question on capital punishment

Discussion on Psychology

Psychology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Instructor’s Name Date Psychology Explain how variables such as social interactions, cognitive processes, environmental variables, cultural context, and biological factors shape psychology and how it is practiced             Psychology is shaped by several factors, such as social interactions where people’s feelings, behavior, and thoughts are influenced by the imagined,… Continue reading Discussion on Psychology

Discussion on Qualitative Methodology

Qualitative Methodology Name Date The credibility of any study is heavily reliant on the data collection method used by the researchers. Before conducting any study, investigators need to determine the most efficient way of collecting relevant information that will give more importance to the research. In the field of psychology, qualitative and quantitative methodologies are… Continue reading Discussion on Qualitative Methodology

The Georg simmelian’s ideas on Fashion

In this memo, I’ll apply the Georg simmelian’s ideas on Fashion and the critical theoretical ideas being simmelian’s irony, the duality of Fashion, and the issue of “cool” through an examination of ripped jeans. The ripped jeans also called distressed jeans, are trendy for both males and females to date. The denim material, the cuts… Continue reading The Georg simmelian’s ideas on Fashion

The book the city of God

REFLECTIVE WRITING Student’s name Institutional Affiliation Professor’s name Course Date Introduction The book the city of God and the Goal of creation by T.desmond alexander is part of a series of books about biblical theology. Desmond series explains both the purpose and the challenge of the new city of Jerusalem. The book looks at the… Continue reading The book the city of God

Discussion on a speaker

RESPONSE Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Title Date Response The speech was not well organized as per the video that was uploaded on YouTube. The speaker didn’t have any attention-getter. The speaker also didn’t mention any audience in her speech, making the starting or the introduction of her remarks to be rated unsatisfactory. Emily, who… Continue reading Discussion on a speaker

Social Problems of Poverty

Social Problems of Poverty Name Institution Social Problems of Poverty The sociological imagination is entrenched in understanding that our actions influence our social outcomes (Durham, 2000). Based on sociological imagination, poverty or richness is believed to be a product of what people do.  Ordinarily, people achieve what they work for. Resources are products of work.… Continue reading Social Problems of Poverty