Engage and support individuals and organizations who are already working in or interested in working in nature-based programs. Deliver high-quality professional learning that prioritizes the child’s best interest and those who support them, as well as the Forest and Nature School movement at large to connect children to nature. Collaboratively establish standards of best practice… Continue reading FOREST SCHOOLS

Employment Tribunal in Light of Introduction of the Fee Regime and Latterly By the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Introduction In the last ten years, employees wishing to pursue a claim in the employment tribunal have faced various obstacles (TRIBUNALS JUDICIARY 2020). More recently, the Employment Tribunal Presidents have stated that during the Corona Virus crisis, ‘access to justice, delivery of fair hearing and the safety of all those served by the Employment Tribunals… Continue reading Employment Tribunal in Light of Introduction of the Fee Regime and Latterly By the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Arena Model.

Arena Model. There have been many advances in simulation technology today, which has created greater awareness in the simulation industry. Many managers now appreciate the potential benefits of simulation. One of the simulation models that has become popular in the simulation industry is the Arena Simulation Model. The Arena Software, which Rockwell developed, is a… Continue reading Arena Model.

Comparison of science and art

Comparing solving problem using science vs. solving problems using art Art and science are relatively different. Art is usually the application of human skills and imagination. At the same time, science involves intellectual and practical ways, including the systematic study of the structure and habits in the surrounding by observing and carrying out an experiment.… Continue reading Comparison of science and art

Song is a Poem

Song is a Poem Introduction Background Research “Another Day in paradise” By Phil Collins. Phil Collins was born in 1951 and he is a Britain national and he is an artist. The song “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins is informed by the thematic concern of individualism in which the persona speaks of a… Continue reading Song is a Poem


At a time when Christ was in the region of Gerasenes around Decapolis, huge crowds had followed him carrying with it their kin’s who had various illnesses, such as blindness, deafness, being mute. Christ healed them all miraculously and at a specific point, the crowd was large with about 4000 men not counting their women… Continue reading JESUS FEEDS A MULTITUDE

Southern Company Electric Utility Case Study

Southern Company Case Study Southern Company is an electric utility firm based in Atlanta, GA, and was run by the CEO Tom Fanning. The firm has electric utilities in four different states comprising Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. They are servicing approximately nine million consumers, 44 thousand megawatts of generating capacity, and 15 hundred billion… Continue reading Southern Company Electric Utility Case Study