Culture, Globalization and Intercultural Communication

Introduction Culture, in its context, refers to how people live by various norms or characteristics. In this case, it can be in terms of multiple things, including language, social habits, music, arts, religion, food, the mode of clothing, and even marriage (Zimmerman,2017). In the current world, just like the cultures of other countries, Canada has… Continue reading Culture, Globalization and Intercultural Communication

CAN bus Analysis Study.

CAN bus Analysis CAN bus widespread use has been because of its nature of broadcasting, that has made the protocol of CAN bus to be simple, have low network maintenance, and has a low cost. However, as a result of these characteristics, some security features have been unavailable; the significance of the CAN security in… Continue reading CAN bus Analysis Study.

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

Business Level Strategies Analyses Amazon is an e-commerce website that has developed to find the best solutions to its problems to attract more customers and produce the best services. The introduction of global logistics is one of its major cores and is the solid base for amazon’s competitive advantage in the business market. Delivery of… Continue reading Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

The business of Tourism – Dining room

Many businesses have shifted from a handwritten system of communication to the handheld POS system. When running a business, sellers have choices, especially when handling sales; this can be either a handwritten system of communication that is a traditional cash register that helps in tracking any transaction of money that occurs every day or choosing… Continue reading The business of Tourism – Dining room

Business Law about Secured Transactions and Suretyship

Introduction Five crucial principal components make up the law of secured transactions. These components are; the nature of the property that secures a transaction, methods used to create the security interest, the perfection of the security interest upon claims, if more than one person asserts the legal right to the transaction, there should be a… Continue reading Business Law about Secured Transactions and Suretyship

Business Framework Analysis.

A business organization must develop a strategy during the business’s planning to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Such a strategy is achieved through SWOT and PESTEL analysis (LIU & LI, 2017). SWOT analysis formulae of assessing the strength, weakness, opportunity, and the threat of the business to achieve the target of the organization since it… Continue reading Business Framework Analysis.


Introduction Supply chain management is an essential and crucial part of its success and customer satisfaction to most businesses and companies. In the day-to-day dealings with product flows or unexpected disasters, supply chain experts come in handy to identify the problem and work quickly around it to enable the flow of products to customers as… Continue reading ANALYSIS OF 7 -ELEVEN SUPPLY CHAIN

Severe Pressure Causes Bulimia in Adolescents

Bulimia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa is Bulimia an eating disorder. BN can affect both sexes, all ages, and ethnicities. However, the majority of people that are diagnosed with bulimia nervosa are adolescent females. According to Dr William Shiel Jr, “Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by episodes of secretive excessive eating (binge-eating) followed by inappropriate… Continue reading Severe Pressure Causes Bulimia in Adolescents