Achieving the advantage of data

Abstract The moment system software intermingles with the exact world; event information will be generated. This event data have been handled by process mining. Numerous work has been carried out in this arena and dedicated to developing new procedures for the automatic discovery of business algorithms that focus on building a process model from an… Continue reading Achieving the advantage of data

China’s main energy source

REVIEW OF FEASIBLE TECHNOLOGY OF POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL IN COAL-FIRED POWER PLANT: A CASE STUDY OF CHINA by (Name) The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located The Date China’s main energy source is coal. As the largest producer and… Continue reading China’s main energy source

Vygotsky’s Ideas of Cultural Transmission

Vygotsky’s Ideas of Cultural Transmission Student Full Name Institutional Affiliation Course Full Title Instructor Full Name Due date Cultural transmission is the process via which cultural elements such as behavioral scripts, beliefs, values, and attitudes are passed on and taught to groups and individuals—Vygotsky’s ideas of cultural transmission focus on the importance of social interactions… Continue reading Vygotsky’s Ideas of Cultural Transmission

Rich Benjamin Ted Talk

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Rich Benjamin Ted Talk Rich Benjamin uses his experience of living in counties with the least number of people of color to highlight America’s race and immigration problem.  In reference to the fact that the ideal place to live for many white residents is a beautiful landscape where immigrants of different… Continue reading Rich Benjamin Ted Talk

Domestication and Skopos Theory of Translation

DOMESTICATION AND SKOPOS THEORY By [Name] Course Professors Institution City/State Date Domestication and Skopos Theory of Translation The approaches have been selected according to the translation project aim of producing a target text that is easy for Arab educated women to understand and related to the Arabic culture (Munday, 2016, p.124). Ultimately, for the previous… Continue reading Domestication and Skopos Theory of Translation

The trolley problem

Trolley Problem The Trolley Problem in the Context of Designing Software for Autonomous Vehicles The trolley problem refers to a thought experiment which presents the moral decision maker with a set of scenarios. Each of these scenarios has specific moral consequences, thereby presenting the decision maker with a dilemma on the most optimal alternative to… Continue reading The trolley problem

Myths of Student-Loan Debt

Student loans are full of truths and myths. In an article titled “Myths of Student-Loan Debt,” Robert Verbruggen (2019) debunks some of the flaws surrounding the subject of student loans. Grounded on the assertion that not all borrowers are victims, Verbruggen contends that the loan repayment system somewhat favors students from disproportionately wealthy-to-be if not… Continue reading Myths of Student-Loan Debt

Methods of Financial Management

Financial Management                                                              Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Question 1 LTC is a method that requires the use of an absolute value of money by discounting the future cost and the benefits to determine its lowest price of the capital. I would opt for this method, especially for any equipment which loses value over a period… Continue reading Methods of Financial Management

Psychology Brain Paper

Psychology BrainName: Institutional affiliation: Psychology Brain What is the most interesting thing you learned from Chapter 2 about the brain? Please be specific and give the page number Brain is the most important organ in a human body and plays a very vital role due to its nature of complexion. The diverse and magnificent roles… Continue reading Psychology Brain Paper