The principle of epidemics

Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Question 1. The tipping point talks about the principle of epidemics more so how little changes can have enormous effects. This he illustrates using two primary stories, one about hush puppies and the other about how the crime rate reduced in New York. In fact, the author uses an… Continue reading The principle of epidemics

Preventing computer crimes

Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Preventing computer crimes There are various techniques that organizations can apply to avoid computer crimes. A continuous system update can help to prevent fraud and other cybercrimes. Indeed, most cybercriminals take advantage of system flaws to execute attacks on organizations. For this reason, most operating systems and software continuously… Continue reading Preventing computer crimes

Total Gym global Corp

TOTAL GYM REVIEW WITH 11 GREAT EXERCISES (INCLUDING HIIT) Total Gym is the model name for a line of health and fitness workout gear created by  Total Gym global Corp, advertised and sold by Total Gym Commercial Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Total Gym Fitness LLC. The system assures you of well-built muscles, lean body,… Continue reading Total Gym global Corp

Discussion on Transmissions

Transmissions The power released by a car’s engine needs a way to be moved to the wheels to facilitate motion otherwise you will just be sitting in a powered car that is not moving. That is where transmission comes in. Also known as the gearbox, the transmission is essential as it converts the engine power… Continue reading Discussion on Transmissions

Modes of transportation

Transportation Name  Instructor  Course  Date  Among the many modes of transportation, the motor carrier is one of the most visible transportation system segments in the United States. Originally, the main transportation method of goods was the cargo train, but the motor carrier sector has overweighed the late 19th-century mode. Since 1950, the rail industry has… Continue reading Modes of transportation

Treatise on Rhetoric

Treatise on Rhetoric Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name Professor’s Name Date of Submission Treatise on rhetoric Introduction Throughout history, man has evolved from crude communication to more refined modes.  The most crucial concept in communication is persuasion. This is an art that focuses on convincing an audience about a particular concept (Hochmuth, M. (2020).… Continue reading Treatise on Rhetoric

Understanding Human Behavior

Understanding Human Behavior Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Psychology generally presents itself as the science of behavior with the ultimate objective to understand and explain how people act in a particular way.  According to Baumeister and Funder (2007), however, some psychology subdisciplines do not directly study behavior. Neuroscience and cognitive psychology, for instance, never dwell much… Continue reading Understanding Human Behavior

Unemployment and Inflation Assignment

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Unemployment and Inflation Assignment 2. Assume the following data for a country: total population, 500; population under 16 years of age or institutionalized, 120; not in labor force, 150; unemployed, 23; part-time workers looking for full-time jobs, 10. What is the size of the labor force? What is the… Continue reading Unemployment and Inflation Assignment