Leni Riefenstahl’s film Olympia

Leni Riefenstahl’s film, Olympia affirms the connections between culture and politics in different ways. The production aligns with the modification of the belief systems of Germany over the years. It revolves around the Olympics games of 1936 held in Germany (Riefenstahl). The country’s qualification to handle the games was part of a highly contentious process.… Continue reading Leni Riefenstahl’s film Olympia

Description of a team

A team can be described as a group of people with a common purpose of meeting certain goals and visions within a specified period of time. However, there are challenges that befall a team such as time management which if not well addressed may have a detrimental effect on the overall goals of a group… Continue reading Description of a team

The NAFTA 2.0 ratification

The NAFTA 2.0 ratification will perhaps have the most impact on Canada’s economy but the issue brings the biggest area of worry for the Canadians. Researchers point out to a coming conflict of interest based on this issue among the Democrats and the Republicans in the House of Representatives in the US. 2019 is bound… Continue reading The NAFTA 2.0 ratification

Problems of plausibility and avocation

During initial stages, the inception phase, the venture goal or requirement become evident; this could entail businesses problem and opening. The best solution to the need is gained though the identified options. A study purposefully aims at establishing if the alternatives linked to the venture objectives and a lasting resolution on the prescribed arrangement. Problems… Continue reading Problems of plausibility and avocation

Link between online sexual activities and health outcomes among teens

This article by Lucia O’Sullivan links online sexual activities to health outcomes among teens. The O’Sullivan (2014) argues that new digital technologies significantly respond to many developmental needs and demands of adolescents and this includes their wish for intimate relationship and social identity. Thus, the article examines how adolescents use web-based sexual content, texting and… Continue reading Link between online sexual activities and health outcomes among teens

Definition of Technology

Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. The computer technology was introduced in various industries toward the end of the 20th century and widely applied across the globe. from banking to automobiles, and the educational institutions, technology was strongly embraced and it has been greatly used as a tool for economic… Continue reading Definition of Technology

Key elements of executive leadership coaching

One of the key elements of executive leadership coaching is providing helpful, balanced feedback as related to the leadership style, communication, and interpersonal skills. According to Hunt and Weintraub (2011), the coaching manager serves as a mirror by observing relevant actions and providing useful, sensible response. Amorose, A. J., & Weiss, M. R. (1998) found… Continue reading Key elements of executive leadership coaching

The domain of organizational theory

The domain of organizational theory focuses on the studies the effect of social relationships that exist between individuals within the organization and their actions as a whole. It focuses on interrelated concepts and definitions that explain individuals or groups’ behaviors that interact with one another to perform the activities intended towards the accomplishment of a… Continue reading The domain of organizational theory

Transnational crime Description

Transnational crime is one of the peculiar variety of crimes that bedevils the whole globe. The idea of the global village has been cited among the different factors that have been highlighted as the elements that have promoted the occurrence of transnational crime. It is necessary that every discourse considers the relevance of Interpol which… Continue reading Transnational crime Description