Gun buyback program or policy

AbstractGun violence in the US has been an issue of great concern and it attained its peak period in the 1990s when concern was rising about more deaths related to gun violence. The buyback policy was, therefore, execute by the government to buy firearms from civilians and the government would offer cash in return. After… Continue reading Gun buyback program or policy

Time management and procrastination

Time management and procrastinationIntroductionTo be able to perform well academically and in other aspects of a student’s life, one must learn the skill of managing the limited available time. Time management involves being able to plan for and control the time you spend on specific activities. Time management enables one to complete tasks perfectly within… Continue reading Time management and procrastination

Importance of Political stability for Investors

Political stability is among the key factors that investors put into consideration for their short and long term planning. It plays a major role in determining the extent of business success and the prosperity of the nations. (Ahmed, Hong, Kelvin and Kossele, 2016 )in their article, Does political stability accelerate economic growth in Tanzania? ,… Continue reading Importance of Political stability for Investors

Closure in comic work

Arguably, while interacting with a comic work, the audience or user of the content interprets the contents as presented in the different panels. Closure in comic work, therefore, is explained to be the aspect of observing the piece that is presented through the different panels and seeing it as a whole. Consequently, it is provided… Continue reading Closure in comic work

Ashley Wagner a former figure skater

28-years-old, Ashley Wagner is a former figure skater, US ladies’ champion and World silver medalist. She is the 2016 World silver medalist, a 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, the 2012 Four Continents champion, a three-time Grand Prix Final medalist, winner of five Grand Prix events, and a three-time U.S. national champion.In July 2019, Wagner came forward… Continue reading Ashley Wagner a former figure skater

Incidence reporting description

Incidence reporting involves the identification of safety hazards and development of means to mitigate the hazard and reduce the harmful effects. The process involves different people, department, and documentation. The end-user involvement in incidence reporting has been globally practiced where they have been very instrumental in the establishment of proper structures to counter arising eventuality… Continue reading Incidence reporting description