Emotional competence contribution to the project success

The qualitative study also determined that emotional competence significantly contributes to the project success. According to the various project managers that were interviewed, emotional resilience and communication are vital for projects with a medium complexity. Conversely, sensitivity to the needs of the various employees involved n the project s necessary when actionalizing highly complex projects.… Continue reading Emotional competence contribution to the project success

Cash burn Definition

Cash burn refers to the process whereby the business uses capital for running the daily operations of the business. Thus the cash burn rate refers to the measure of the business net cash position over a particular time. Thus in determining the burn rate of a business one needs to calculate the difference between the… Continue reading Cash burn Definition

The shift in academic research

The shift in academic research started in the 1970s with arts-based practices emerging as the new methodological genre. The model created challenges to methods conventions such as the composition of research and knowledge. Since art was engaging due to its ability to evoke emotions, it made people think differently. On the other hand creative arts… Continue reading The shift in academic research

Formalities that grant power status

Chapter 1 Leaders have the power to influence others and experience similar influences from the followers. Tedeschi, Schlenker and Lindskold (2017) argue that a leader has exposure to various formalities that grant them power status. They include position power, formal authority, control over information and punishment. Plato argues that when a person gains power, they… Continue reading Formalities that grant power status

Mediums of relaying information

Communication is increasingly becoming essential, the reason being the change that takes in the mediums of relaying information. Gone are the days when businesses rely on television and radio as their primary advertising source for a specific product. In today’s business world, the gap between one’s workplace and personal space has dramatically reduced. Twitter and… Continue reading Mediums of relaying information

UI UX designer responsibilities

Have you ever watched some of the thrilling films with board game antics like Jumanji or Zathura: A Space Adventure? If you haven’t you probably should, because they are quite a show and you would probably enjoy them very much. High stakes events in stories and even in real life have major consequences depending on… Continue reading UI UX designer responsibilities

Tourism gentrification Essay

Tourism gentrification is a process of improvement and renovation of tourist sites and spaces so that it fits the middle-class preference and taste. The commercial aspects of gentrification include replacement of land uses with tourism activities and businesses like Entertainment Corporation (Gotham, 2018). The changes brought by often is commercial, which generate a positive impact… Continue reading Tourism gentrification Essay

Net motions mobility XE

Question 1 Organizations that use Net motion’s mobility XE belong to different industries. Mobility XE offers a lot of benefits to its users. With the use of mobility XE, any organization can improve its productivity by getting all the resources it needs to ensure they work effectively. Mobile workers can interact with customers in real-time,… Continue reading Net motions mobility XE