Views on Religion

  Opposition Paper             Religion is very big in the United States.  There are a lot of people who think religion is a good thing and there are a lot of people who think religion is non-sense.  I am the kind of person who thinks religion is a very good thing.  Everyone needs someone to… Continue reading Views on Religion

Origin of Evil

  Origin of Evil God is good, and all that he has made is good. But, even with all his goodness there is still a corrupt and sinful nature in the world. All this came about because of Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden. It is easy to recognize that this is the origin… Continue reading Origin of Evil

Development of the Gospel Music Workshop of America

Development of the Gospel Music Workshop of America There are many different types of Gospel music, and Reverend James Cleveland was responsible for bringing in the gap between all of them. Reverend Cleveland had a vocal style similar to Lois Armstrong, and influenced many music greats.  He was called the “king” of gospel music during… Continue reading Development of the Gospel Music Workshop of America

Jacob and Esau-The Birthright

  Jacob and Esau-The Birthright             Does Rebekah do the right thing in sending Jacob to receive the blessing meant for Esau?  I believe she does!  Having read the account many times, I’ve formed the opinion that the birthright was meant to be for Jacob.  I will support this opinion by scriptural account.             During… Continue reading Jacob and Esau-The Birthright

Witch craft assignment

  Witch Craft What is Witchcraft? Who are these Witches anyway? It is a nature-based belief system or religion. Not all Witches follow the same belief system. Some practice what is called the “old religion” which has its roots in pagan pre-monotheistic folk ways and beliefs and usually follows the seasonal cycles. These belief systems… Continue reading Witch craft assignment

Embracing Christianity in the Church

People use one major excuse for their refusal of embracing Christianity in the Church: hypocrisy. This something that has been present in the Church since “Day One.” People use many of the misdeeds done in the of Christ as evidence, such as Crusades, the Inquistion, witch trails, and many other horrible acts. Due to this… Continue reading Embracing Christianity in the Church

Buddhism in Mahayana

  Mahayana Buddhism teaches that there are three alternatives for attaining the final goal of Nirvana. Firstly there is the Arahant Ideal which is emphasised by the Sthaviravada or as it is currently known – the Theravada. This is release from the Samsara by following the teachings of an enlightened Buddha by the cultivation of… Continue reading Buddhism in Mahayana