November 28, 2020

“Couple in Racoon coats” review

  Couple In Racoon Coats Van Der Zee uses line in Couple in Raccoon Coats to create a portrait of African American dignity and prosperity. Thesis […]
November 27, 2020

Frederick Douglass’ thoughts

Frederick Douglass (A Speaker And A Writer) In Frederick Douglass’s words, “He then told her to cross her hands; he tied them with a strong rope, […]
November 27, 2020

Golding’s literary techniques

Golding uses chapter eight to show the changes within Ralph and Piggy.     The experience on the island has caused them to mature early, and Golding […]
November 27, 2020

Response to The Scarlet letter

Response to The Scarlet Letter “Confess thy truth and thou shall have eternal rest.” I believe that is the moral to be taught in this novel […]
November 27, 2020

Literary techniques revision

A good writer has many tools at hand that help them develop good story lines.  There are literary techniques such as voice, point of view, character, […]
November 27, 2020

Gilgamesh book review

Gilgamesh is an epic that has been passed down for thousands of years.  The epic narrates the legendary deeds of the main character Gilgamesh.  Gilgamesh is […]
November 27, 2020

Analysis of ” I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

1. What Does Marguerite observe about the cotton pickers? She notices that their attitudes depend on the time of day. She says in the morning they […]
November 27, 2020

Black experience in America

1) Which book expresses best, Richard Wright’s powerful delineation of the black American experience? It is my opinion that book three: is the best expression of […]
November 27, 2020

The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby’s Pursuit of the American Dream The American Dream means that by persistently working hard, one can achieve success; this is in contrast to other countries […]
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