Review of the play Oleanna

  Oleanna Whether Oleanna is a misogynistic play, can be argued either way.  It depends on which point of view one sees it from.  The play portrays Carol, a woman, as a manipulative character lacking any positive qualities.  She is portrayed as a feminist that is out to get her “sexist” teacher, John.  However, John… Continue reading Review of the play Oleanna

Witch light story review

  Witch light             The plot of the fictional story, witch light, was about Winter Musgrave, a young business woman. In the story winter is plagued by an adult poltergeist, while she tries to find her forgotten past, after a breakdown left with an acute case of amnesia. Winter unaware of her haunting believes she… Continue reading Witch light story review

Into the Wild

Sane or not?              In the book Into The Wild the main character Alex did some questionable things. Although he did some unusual things, he was sane. Alex was well educated and highly respected by everyone who knew him.             Christopher McCandless came from a rich suburb of Washington D.C. He excelled in school and… Continue reading Into the Wild

Romeo and Rosaline

Romeo and Rosaline Together?  In the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, one main character, Romeo, is presented as a melancholy person during the first act of the play. The source of Romeo’s melancholy may be caused by his love for Rosaline, and her lack of love for him.  In the beginning of the play, we… Continue reading Romeo and Rosaline

Rocking Horse Irony

Rocking Horse Irony            “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence is a story about a boy named Paul who lives with parents that lack love and are filled with greed. Tormented by a house that whispers to him, Paul dies trying to convince his mother that he is lucky by picking horse race winners while… Continue reading Rocking Horse Irony

The Scarlet Letter

Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale is one of the major characters in the story The Scarlet Letter.             In this story Arthur Dimmesdale plays the part of the towns reverend.  He has a high position in society and is viewed as one of the good and polite kind of guy by the society.              This man has… Continue reading The Scarlet Letter

“The Birthmark” discussion

Response Paper #2: “The Birthmark”  1.  Our society tends to be obsessed with the idea of physical perfection.  How does our society manifest that obsession?  How is the “Birthmark” an early version of our modern obsession with physical perfection?      Our society has many ways of manifesting its obsession with physical perfection. In our society… Continue reading “The Birthmark” discussion

Relationships in the Odyssey Essay

Relationships in the Odyssey Essay             Throughout the Odyssey, there are many relationships that represent love between two people.  These relationships show loyalty, compassion, and the wanting to be near one another.  Two of these kinds of relationships are between Odysseus and Telemakhos, and Odysseus and Penelope.              The relationship between Odysseus and Telemakhos is… Continue reading Relationships in the Odyssey Essay