project registration a New auto bridge, London

Project Plan


Project Plan. 1

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project registration a New auto bridge, London
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Article I.    Document Management 1

(a)   Distribution List 1

Article II.       Project Registration. 1

Article III.    Executive Summary. 2

(a)   Rationale. 2

(b)            Business Drivers. 2

(c)   Key Objectives. 2

(d)           Benefits. 3

Article IV.      Project Information. 4

(a)   1 Integration Management 4

Article V.        2 Scope Management 5

(a)   2.1 Deliverables. 5

(b)            2.2 Inclusions. 6

(c)   2.3 Exclusions. 6

(d)           2.4 Handover 6

3 Time Management 9

3.1 Schedule. 9

(e)            3.2 Milestones. 10

Article VI.      4 Cost Management 10

(a)   4.1 Budget 10

(b)            4.2 Estimating methodology. 11

(c)   4.3 Confidence level 12

(d)           4.4 Contingency. 12

(e)            4.5 Source of Funds. 12

(f)   4.6 Cash Flow.. 12

Article VII.    5 Human Resource Management 13

(a)   5.1 Stakeholders. 13

(b)            5.2 Resource Capability. 14

Article VIII.    6 Communications Management 14

(a)   6.1 Organisational Structure. 14

Article IX.      8 Risk Management 14

(a)   8.4 Risk. 14

Article X.        9 Quality Management 16



Article I.                             Document Management

(a)    Distribution List

Record the details of all project stakeholders accessing this document.

Name Position Signature Date

Version Control

Record all approved changes to this document.

Revision # Change Description Approval Date Author


Article II.                            Project Registration

Project Name

New auto bridge over the river Tamis in the city of London

Project #


Creation Date

June 25 2011


City of London

Project Manager

Record the name and contact details of the project manager.





Article III.                          Executive Summary

(a)    Rationale

The new bridge will be located between two existing bridges: the Westminster bridge and the Lambeth Bridge, with the declared objective to divert a part of the auto traffic in the east-west direction over the river Thames. At this moment the commercial and non-commercial traffic over the river Thames in the central part of London is overcrowded and while there are a lot of efficient administrative measures established, there is still a necessity for a new traffic way over the river.

(b)    Business Drivers

The project will address an existing need of the people living in London, and it is completely financed from the London city hall budget. Our company took the challenge to address this project and following the action that the city of London organized last year, our company became the contractor for this project. The business drivers and both financial and awareness related, bringing a 12% profit margin for our company in the worst-case scenario and also establishing our company as a leading brand in area of civil construction.

(c)     Key Objectives

  1. Reducing the traffic especially at rush hours on the Westminster and Lambeth Bridges by 15% immediately after the project’s completion.
  2. To reduce the number of auto accidents generated by overcrowded roads by 22% in 3 months after the opening of the new bridge
  3. Providing an economyto the drivers,fromtheincreasedvelocity of crossing the Thames river, from 10 ml/ h to17 ml /hour and is represented by17$/ vehicle/ ml
  4. A total time economy for every crossing of about 7 minutes and a financial economy of $31.7 million over a period of 1 year from the first three month from completion of the work.

(d)    Benefits

After a slight recovery recorded in the UK construction market in 2010, it is expected that the business volume in the field will shrink again in the period 2011-2012. According to the latest data published by the Construction Products Association (CPA), the segment registers a setback of 1% in 2011 and will register a 2% decree next year due to failure in implementation of public investment and increasing budget deficit. With a weight of about 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the UK construction sector can be instrumental in the overall economic recovery. According to officials, for this to be possible, the British government should continue the pressure on lending institutions, so they fund more loans to purchase homes and to accelerate investment in energy programs. (Fordham, 2011, p.1)

The benefits of this project can be split into two major categories: benefits that address the company and benefits towards the community.

The benefits regarding the company are represented by the profit margin already mentioned above and the fact that numerous jobs will be created in addition to the salvage of the existing ones. This is especially important if we consider the overall economical situation and the specialist’s predictions of a decline of the construction industry.

The benefits related to the community were already presented above.


Article IV.                         Project Information

(a)    1 Integration Management

                 (i)     1.1 Methodology

The project will be based on the Method 123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM). We have chosen this methodology because it is the most comprehensive one in describing the phases of the project.

               (ii)     1.2 Change Control

All changes in the scope of the project will be approved only by the contractor, in this case, the London City Hall. The initiation of changes can come from both parties: the contractor and our company. All final decisions will be made only after both parties agree on the technical changes and the financial modifications that may interfere in the project plan.

The change control will be done based on the following input data:

– Project plan

– Reports on project status

– Modification requests

The main instruments and methods to address the change control activity will be: change management systems, content management, performance measurement, complementary planning, and IT project management systems. The exit data will be represented by: project plan rectification, corrective actions, and dissemination of experience.

             (iii)     1.3 Performance Reporting

All reporting for the present project will be done in writing, both on paper and in an electronic format. The project will be evaluated on three categories: compliance with the deadlines as specified in the GAANT chart, compliance with the budget and quality of construction according to the specified standards.

There will be generated 3 different reports. The first will be done at the beginning of the contract and will mention all the contract details as set at the date of acceptance. The second report will be presented after the completion of 30% of the contract. The third one will be presented at 70% of completion. The last tow reports will also include details of variation in cost and extension of time – if applied.

The standard criteria for evaluation will apply: time management, management of subcontractors, standard of work, quality systems, management of industrial relations, environmental management, occupational health and safety management, and co-operative relations.

             (iv)     1.4 Audit

Record what independent process will be followed to monitor and verify all project related work.

               (v)     1.5 Dependencies

Record all related and or inter-dependent projects impacting the performance and delivery of the project.


Article V.                           2 Scope Management

(a)    2.1 Deliverables

The final product will be represented by a road bridge with no pedestrian area. The description of the location and structural design is presented in the documentation below.

The documentation will be developed in single phase in English in five (5) copies and shall be delivered to the beneficiary in electronic format. The documentation will include:

  • Confidential Bills of Quantities;
  • Confidential general quotation and the list of main technical-indicators;
  • Documentation required to obtain necessary permits and agreements;
  • The draw parts are the main technical design documents based on which written parts of the project are developed and will include plans and execution details;
  • the plan of engagement;
  • Location map – existing situation
  • Location map – the projected situation
  • longitudinal profile
  • bridge mapping

(b)    2.2 Inclusions


  • Soil tests and geodesic reports
  • Taxes, fees and authorisations
  • Employee facilities


  • Concrete bridge pylons
  • Steel road platform
  • Steel decorative protective railing
  • Tarmac

(c)     2.3 Exclusions

All electrical installations will not be included in the specifications of the project. The environmental impact will be determined by an external consultant employed by the beneficiary of the project.

(d)    2.4 Handover

Prior to the handover of the project, the company will perform conformity tests and will acquire the following certifications:

  • Specification Engineer report
  • Certification of processes not covered by standards
  • Patents for innovative works
  • Conformity certificate


Task Duration (days) July August Sep. Oct. Nov. December January February March April May June July August
Contracts 0                            
Review of final plans 15
Review final specifications 20                          
Construction drawings 5                          
Stake lot 1                            
Permits and approvals 25  
Construction logistics 10                            
Clear lot 30                            
Excavate for foundations 25                            
Build pylon foundations 90                            
Foundation certification 1                            
Steel delivery 5                            
Road deck placement 270                            
Road deck certification 1                            
Safety barriers 45                            
Purring tarmac 25                            
Conformity tests 25                            
Handover 2                            
Project delivery 1                            
TOTAL 596                            


3 Time Management

3.1 Schedule




(e)     3.2 Milestones

August 15 – Finishing all documents, plans, drawings and obtaining all necessary approvals for commencing work

September 10 – Having all the necessary logistics in place at the construction site

December 20 – full delivery of the steel required for the road deck

January 15 – Finishing the foundations for pylons

August 14 – grand opening of the bridge


Article VI.                         4 Cost Management

(a)    4.1 Budget

Chapter 1
Costs for obtaining and arranging land  
  Value estimation $
Obtaining the land 0
Land planning 0
Environmental protection facility 118,000
TOTAL 118,000
Chapter 2
Expenses for the utility services needed for the project 12,000
Chapter 3
Expenses for engineering and technical assistance  
Land studies 29,500
Taxes and expenses for various approvals 5,000
Project engineering 170,000
External consultants 59,000
Technical assistance 88,500
TOTAL 352,000
Chapter 4
Expenditures for basic investment  
Technological equipment 56,000
Transportation 11,300
Intangible assets 21,500
TOTAL 88,800
Chapter 5
Raw material, parts, and construction activities  
Raw materials for foundations 2,112,000
Reinforcement steel 698,000
Steel for the upper deck 3,680,500
Construction activities 1,250,000
Consumables 2,540,000
TOTAL 10,280,500
Chapter 6
Tests 350,000
TOTAL COST 11,201,300

(b)    4.2 Estimating methodology

The general economic estimate is the documentation that establishes the total estimated expenditure necessary to achieve the investment objectives, in this case the construction of the new bridge over the river Thames.

Compensation of expenditure between chapters / subsections of expenditure contained in the general estimate, during the investment, within the same total value, is done by updating the general estimate, by the care of the beneficiary.

The general estimate made ​​at the design stage – feasibility study / documentation of approval of the intervention works by the care of the beneficiary is updated whenever necessary, but usually in these situations:

  • at the date of submission for approval of the feasibility study/feasibility documentation;
  • on the building permit application;
  • on the date of the organization of the award of public procurement contract for the execution of works;
  • after conclusion of purchase contracts, financing resulting value of the investment objective/intervention works;
  • at the date of preparation or modification by the principal loan, by law, the list of the investment objectives, Annex to the state budget or local government, for new investment objectives, as well as below.

(c)     4.3 Confidence level

The error margin for the presented budget was estimated at 3,5% in order to cover for the rate of inflation and various price fluctuations that can occur over the construction cycle of the project. As some of the materials are imported, we need to take into account the possibilities of price increases due to fluctuation between currencies.

(d)    4.4 Contingency

Not applied

(e)     4.5 Source of Funds

The entire project if financed from the local budget of the city of London, using public founds.

The founds will be allocated in three stages, that will coincide with the project milestones presented above.

Each payment stage will be approved by the City Council of London, based on the presented budget and on the completion reports of the previous stages.

(f)      4.6 Cash Flow

Days Planed earned value Planned budget Cash in Cash out Balance
0 0 0 0 0 0
30 29,000.00 28,400.00 5,400,000.00 56,000.00 5,344,000.00
61 32,000.00 29,600.00   62,000.00 5,282,000.00
100 12,500.00 11,400.00   250,000.00 5,032,000.00
120 22,300.00 21,600.00   650,000.00 4,382,000.00
190 9,800.00 9,600.00 2,650,000.00 3,650,000.00 3,382,000.00
220 12,000.00 5,600.00   560,000.00 2,822,000.00
300 23,000.00 23,600.00   1,230,000.00 1,592,000.00
330 2,300.00 2,500.00   230,600.00 1,361,400.00
390 5,600.00 5,560.00   450,000.00 911,400.00
410 8,600.00 8,500.00   520,000.00 391,400.00
461 23,000.00 22,100.00 3,151,300.00 1,590,000.00 1,952,700.00
510 65,400.00 63,200.00   450,000.00 1,502,700.00
596 45,000.00 42,100.00   1,200,000.00 302,700.00


Article VII.                       5 Human Resource Management

(a)    5.1 Stakeholders

Stakeholder Input/Influence Requirements/Expectations
London City Hall Ongoing consultation, high degree of influence and final approval. Reports will be supplied to the City Council via project manager
Project manager The main decisional power of the project Written and verbal reports updating the progress of the project at fortnightly portfolio meetings.  The specific expectation is that the project will be on time and on budget
Construction engeneer Ongoing consultation, high degree of influence and final approval. Written and verbal reports updating the progress of the project for each business unit (same report as the project manager)
Operations Manager Ongoing consultation, medium degree of influence and final approval.  
Acquisition manager Ongoing consultation, medium degree of influence and final approval. The main responsibility is that all necessary materials are delivered on time and on budget
Administration staff Ongoing consultation, low degree of influence. Written and verbal report on department specific processes.

(b)    5.2 Resource Capability

For the entire duration of the project, the standard working hours apply. The work will be done in tow shifts, divided from 05.00 – 14.00 (1 hour launch brake) and 14.30 – 21.00.

There are no training needs for this specific project, as all operations are standard for our company. There is also no need of employing new personal.

All machinery, tools and equipments needed for the project are already in use. There is no need for new equipment acquisitions.

All raw materials will be bought from English suppliers, exception the steel which will be imported from a German manufacturer.

All facilities needed on site will be rented from ongoing partners.


Article VIII.                      6 Communications Management

(a)    6.1 Organisational Structure


Article IX.                         8 Risk Management

(a)    8.4 Risk

Main risks
Cost related risks:
Tight project schedule
Design variations
Variations by the client
Unsuitable construction program planning
Occurrence of dispute
Price inflation of construction materials
Excessive approval procedures in administrative government departments
Incomplete approval and other documents
Incomplete or inaccurate cost estimate
Inadequate program scheduling
Time related risks:
Tight project schedule
Design variations
Excessive approval procedures in administrative government departments
Variations by the client
Incomplete approval and other documents
Unsuitable construction program planning
Inadequate program scheduling
Bureaucracy of government
High performance or quality expectations
Variations of construction program s
Quality related risks:
Tight project schedule
Inadequate program scheduling
Unsuitable construction program planning
Incomplete or inaccurate cost estimate
Low management competency of subcontractors
High performance or quality expectations
Variations of construction programs
Unavailability of sufficient amount of skilled labour
Design variations
Lack of coordination between project participants
Environment related risks:
Tight project schedule
Variations of construction programs
Unavailability of sufficient professionals and managers
Excessive approval procedures in administrative government departments
Variations by the client
Inadequate or insufficient site information (soil test and survey report)
Low management competency of subcontractors
High performance or quality expectations
Inadequate program scheduling
Serious noise pollution caused by construction
Safety related risks:
Tight project schedule
Low management competency of subcontractors
Unsuitable construction program planning
Variations of construction programs
General safety accident occurrence
High performance or quality expectations
Design variations
Lack of coordination between project participants
Excessive approval procedures in administrative government departments
Unavailability of sufficient amount of skilled labour
Unavailability of sufficient professionals and managers


Article X.                          9 Quality Management

The design engineer shall establish construction quality assurance measures. The design or construction engineer shall oversee implementation and documentation of implementation of these measures. Upon completion of construction, the design engineer shall inspect the bridge and certify, in writing, that the bridge was built in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

Quality Standards

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard

89/106/EEC Construction Products Directive to EN 1433:2002

Five types of quality control will be applied:

  • control of contractor
  • control of the formation leader or master chief
  • specialized independent control
  • complex statistical control
  • total quality control





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