Special skills are needed by leaders

Leadership Leadership position in any organization symbolizes trust and confidence bestowed to an individual. While people always want to be a leader of an organization or a chain, this is never enough to provide direction and spur change. Leadership position may not be equated to having great ideas and assembling people together and motivating them… Continue reading Special skills are needed by leaders

Petsofas Figurine and Psi-figurine

Artwork The history of art goes back a long time and many artifacts present as archeological evidence. The artwork discussed in this essay illuminates a lot about the Minoan culture. Minoan or Mycenaean art existed during the Bronze Age. Excavations point the artwork to around nine Minoan civilization periods on Crete. Cities during this historical… Continue reading Petsofas Figurine and Psi-figurine

Importance of Vaccination and how they work

Importance of Vaccination Vaccines are biological substances prepared by the introduction of microorganisms that act as antigens, but do not cause disease. The administration of vaccines is called immunization, which can be in the form of oral suspensions or injections. When introduced to the body, vaccines trigger the body to produce antibodies against the disease… Continue reading Importance of Vaccination and how they work

approaches to system development.

Information System Development Methodologies System development is the process of building software (set of instructions) that helps the users gain access to information and results as they interact with the system. The software that serves users with information is developed using a number of approaches, termed as methodologies. Developers look at different factors to come… Continue reading approaches to system development.

The advantages of hydropower generation

Hydroelectricity The United States Environmental Protection Agency website gives a detailed description of the alternative energy resource, hydropower. It describes the production process and both the positive and negative effects of hydroelectricity production. Hydroelectricity utilizes water sources for electricity production. This form of energy is safe and convenient because it is based on the water… Continue reading The advantages of hydropower generation

Effects of Aflatoxins on humans and animals

Aflatoxins are harmful chemicals produced by two species of fungi:  Aspergillus parasiticus and Aspergillus flavus. Aflatoxins are highly carcinogenic and toxic, causing diseases in animals and humans when they consume contaminated feeds. There are various types of Aflatoxins, which are classified in groups of B, G, and M. The B Aflatoxins emit a blue color… Continue reading Effects of Aflatoxins on humans and animals