Ancient Civilizations and Contributions

Humans created societies, states, and empires from the late Neolithic period to 1500 CE to allow for the growth of the individual. Achievements and inventions in both math and science have created enormous contributions to the growth of individuals. Monuments from these times present the underlying concepts of individual growth although such civilizations have occurred… Continue reading Ancient Civilizations and Contributions

Reconstruction and the Age of American Imperialism

Discuss three major changes in race relations (i.e., laws, amendments, labor arrangements, working conditions, migration patterns, socioeconomic changes) that resulted from Reconstruction Law Amendments It was during the civil war which marked the beginning of the reconstruction age and start of interracial democracy. It, however, ended in 1877. There were laws and constitutional amendments that… Continue reading Reconstruction and the Age of American Imperialism

The Yellow Wallpaper-Unfair customs towards women

The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a feminist writer in the late 19th century the U.S, challenged the unfair social conventions and customs toward women at that time in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” which first published in The New England Magazine in 1892. In the story, Gilman portrays a poor woman who is struggling with mild… Continue reading The Yellow Wallpaper-Unfair customs towards women

Transnational Crime Reporting- Attractive Figures

Transnational Crime Reporting Mythical numbers and political symbolism are governing ideologies in the world of cross-border crime. Fictitious numbers, in this case, refers to the use of figures and statistics that are highly characterized by ambiguity. In essence, the reporters, researchers as well as the media personnel consider the validity of the clarification ambiguously. It… Continue reading Transnational Crime Reporting- Attractive Figures

Pension and Benefit Plan-Canada

Executive Summary Employee benefits scheme design has shifted very little in the past few decades. Certainly, there have been elusive tweaks as the years progress, but the primary plan design basics have remained the same. Lately, we have observed some invention in the scopes of plan management, better plan tractability and a significantly improved experience… Continue reading Pension and Benefit Plan-Canada