Factors that contribute to the success of organizations.

Introduction There are many factors that contribute to the success of organizations. Among the various factors, employees are the main pillar to success. Without the right employees, business owners would not achieve their desired goals. Sometimes organizations can have the right set of employees, but without motivation, they cannot perform to their best. Thus, the… Continue reading Factors that contribute to the success of organizations.

The Hero’s Journey and the Two Videos

Essay #2 Q1. Each individual wants someone to look up to, someone modeling a lifestyle that can be admired. These role models need not be perfectionists- perfect individuals only subsist in comic books- but ought to be people who have accomplished significant things by rising above life’s circumstances. Self-centeredness runs today’s world, and it is… Continue reading The Hero’s Journey and the Two Videos

Virtual Project Management paper

Virtual Project Management A new dimension has been instilled into project management through collaborative software development and the augment of the internet. Like most things in this era project management has gone online. Tracking a project using a website makes it easy for individuals in various locations to collaborate. The tools needed for this to… Continue reading Virtual Project Management paper

Benefits Atkins diets in weight loss

Fad diets Fad diets offer unrealistic and drastic measures to weight loss. Being overweight facilitates the risk of having health-related problems like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, and even having a loss of self-esteem. Fortunately, the discovery of fad diets offers the fastest and best alternative mechanism for losing weight as opposed to long-term processes… Continue reading Benefits Atkins diets in weight loss

Amazon’s Organizational Culture

Amazon’s Organizational Culture According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, “Out there one can work smart, hard and long, however, in amazon, an individual cannot choose two out of the three.” This is what made Amazon to be ranked among the best internet-based company retailer even to a point of surpassing Walmart. White-collar employees were pushed… Continue reading Amazon’s Organizational Culture

P-value and confidence intervals

P-value and confidence intervals are useful tools for making business decisions. The p-value is used to establish if the test hypothesis for research is significant or not. Data used in business research may not reflect the true case of the business, thus leading to wrong decisions being made. The p-value allows researchers to know the… Continue reading P-value and confidence intervals