Philosophy Research Topic Paper

analyzing in no less than 5 and no more than 7 paragraphs a proper paragraph is at least 5-7 full sentences and preferred citation style is MLA or Chicago/Turabian format   ‘My actions were despicable’: Catholic priest steps down after revealing he was a Ku Klux Klan member decades ago By  Dana Hedgpeth  and  Michelle Boorstein   August 22,… Continue reading Philosophy Research Topic Paper


Buddha’s Eightfold Path Essay

In this essay, you will be considering how the elements of Buddha’s Eightfold Path and the basic ideas Rahula gives us about Buddhism or the nature of Buddha’s teaching might be applied to the information in the documentary “Doing Time Doing Vipassana,” a documentary that explores an experiment in which vipassana meditation was taught in India’s Tihar… Continue reading Buddha’s Eightfold Path Essay


Philosophy in Prison Term Paper

Discussion Post Assignment Description: 1.) Please watch the TedTalk below and carefully read the excerpt from the transcript. 2.) Please review Chapter 2 of Philosophy the Basicsand determine which ethical framework you have usedin the past to determine the right course of action in a moral dilemma. 3.) Please share the moral dilemma you have dealt withalong with the… Continue reading Philosophy in Prison Term Paper


Importance of understanding reading material

This assignment is a 2-3 page (excluding cover and reference page) essay is required for this course. The source material for this paper can be found in the course reading material. However, students are required to seek additional external source material to bring another perspective to their papers. Students must obtain at least one research source from the APUS Online Library. Wikipedia is not a valid source for this… Continue reading Importance of understanding reading material


Game Theory and Strategic Behavior

Discussion 1 Game Theory and Strategic Behavior Suppose that GE is trying to prevent Maytag from entering the market for high efficiency clothes dryers. Even though high efficiency dryers are more costly to produce, they are also more profitable as they command sufficiently higher prices from consumers. The following payoffs table shows the annual profits… Continue reading Game Theory and Strategic Behavior

Price Quotes And Pricing Decisions Applied Problems

Week 5 Assignment – Price Quotes and Pricing Decisions Applied Problems PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A BID IF YOU ARE NOT PROFICIENT IN ECONOMICS. Put on the attached APA formatted template Please complete the following two applied problems: Problem 1: Jessica Alba, a famous actress, starts the baby and family products business, The Honest Company,… Continue reading Price Quotes And Pricing Decisions Applied Problems

Economies of Scope and Scale

Economies of Scope and Scale What are they?  What is the key difference between an economy of scale and an economy of scope? One source of growth is external growth from a merger and/or acquisition.  Often merger/acquisition are justified on the basis of the expected benefits from ‘synergies’ created by the merger/acquisition. Economists know these as economies… Continue reading Economies of Scope and Scale