Techniques in helping Alzheimer disease patients


Alzheimer is a disease that affects the brain functions by slowing and destroying the memory and thinking capabilities of carrying out of the simple tasks. There are two types of Alzheimer onset and late onset. Both of the groups have the same genetic component structure. However, it was discovered that a child whose mother carry’s a genetic mutation of early-onset FAD is expected to inherit the mutation. In the case when the child inherits the mutation there is a higher chance that the child has a strong probability of developing an early on-set FAD. The first symptoms of Alzheimer begin at the age of 60s. In most of the cases, Alzheimer is the main cause of dementia to older adults. After diagnosis a person with Alzheimer is believed to live for four to eight years, they also can live for 20 years depending on some of the factors. In the beginning, most of the patients with Alzheimer develop a mild memory loss. During the late stage of Alzheimer, most of the patients lose the capability of holding a conversation and loss identity of their loved ones. The Alzheimer disease kills and cripples most of its patients according to the statistics that was done. According to the survey that was done indicated that the disease has no cure and leaves most families disarray.
According to statistics that were carried out indicated that most cases of the patients of Alzheimer suffer from a gene mutation that is passed from one parent to the child. The scientists stated that later-onset Alzheimer disease cases are fewer compared to early-onset cases. Early-onset Alzheimer occurs in the age of 30 to around in the mid-60s. The figure represents an estimation of 10 percent of all the people with Alzheimer. The genetic modification of an individual plays an essential role in determining the rate of infection in an individual. The people with late-onset Alzheimer experience the infection in their late 60s and even later during their lives. This Dementia infection affects people according to various life expectancy stands. In order to ascertain whether you have a different reaction towards the infection, a blood test will be done in ascertain these changes.

Home Based Modification Recommendation

Family Education

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Techniques in helping Alzheimer disease patients
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Family education is one of the most essential techniques in helping Alzheimer related patients. However, it is necessary for family members to receive effective education in relation to the ways of handling Alzheimer patients. There are effective steps that the family members should be given in order to educate themselves in relation to giving care for the patients. With the aid of proper tool family education suits to be the most sorted after home recommendation way of solving Alzheimer patients. The family members should be in a position to understand that Alzheimer patients have various personality changes by the influence of the disease. Most of the Alzheimer patients can easily be frustrated by the various changes that happen around their lives. Family members have a mandate in creating a safe environment where the patients will feel loved and cared for. As a family, there is a need to work together in order to build a strong trust between the patient and other members. This act of having a mutual conversation and independence will help the patient in establishing trust in relation to the medical care she or he receives.
The process of providing support to the patient suffering from Alzheimer can be an emotional process. The caregiver should be in a position to recognize the emotion of their patients. Alzheimer patients tend to develop a weird emotional reaction which requires a person who understands effectively their reactions. There is a need for the family to get in touch with the help of the physician, he will also act as an advisor in relation to the challenges a patient faces. The caregiver also should be given full support by the doctor. When one of your loved ones are diagnosed by Alzheimer it heavily contributes to a great impact to the family well-being. It normally creates fear and discomfort to the wellbeing of the family as a whole. However, when the family has a prior education in relation to the infection they will be in a position to control the disease effectively. In most of the cases, the family of the diagnosed will be in a position to experience a ray of emotions the feelings that range from grief, loss, guilt, and anger in relation to a particular state of the patient.

Bathroom safety tips

The bathroom is a very sensitive place especially for people suffering from Alzheimer. It is advisable to place a grab bar near a toilet, bathtubs and in the shower. Place a hand-held shower head that will not give these people hand time while using the bathroom services. Installation of shower chair and grab bars will help the Alzheimer victims in using the bathroom services effectively without any challenges.
In the bathtubs, it is also advisable to place non-slippery strips to prevent these patients from sliding while taking a shower. The house floors should not have tile installation floors to prevent the patient from sliding. It is also advisable to place a faucet cover in the bathtub in preventing the Alzheimer patients from sliding and hurting their body. The Alzheimer patients also should live in the house with free hazardous products such as electrical appliances. There is an installation of childproof launchers in limiting the potentially dangerous items from hurting the patient. In most of the occasion houses with no proper installation of insulated electrical proof tends to affect the patient’s safety standards. The water temperature that the patient uses for bath also should be reduced tremendously in order to make the patient feel better. In most of the cases, water affects the normal body temperature of most patients. Door locks also should be removed in order to prevent the patients from accidentally locking themselves inside the house. Alzheimer condition makes most of the patients to lose focus and forget simple tasks making it much harder in controlling them while in the house.
Kitchen Safety Tips
Kitchen is the most critical sector in the entire house safety measure, especially to Alzheimer patients. However, it is therefore recommended that special measures to be deployed in ensuring the patients do not interfere with the kitchen services. In the Kitchen, we should prevent the patients from accessing dangerous appliances. There should be the installation of safety knobs in preventing our loved one from turning the stove on. All these appliances should also be kept away from patients suffering from dementia. Secondly, artificial fruits and food-shaped magnets should be removed in order to prevent patients from consuming. In other words, you should force breakable or potentially dangerous supplies in the kitchen. Launch childproof latches on the cabinets and the drawers in limiting the access of the items such as alcohol, knives, scissors, and plastic bags.
Bedroom Safety Tips
In most of the cases, the patients who suffer from Alzheimer have a well and guided bedroom section where all their operations are closely monitored. A home recommended bedroom for Alzheimer patients should have a monitoring device. A monitoring device will help you in identifying scenarios where your patient requires some help. In most cases, this technique is advisable to be used when the patient has a critical dementia challenge. There also should be a serious precaution while using various heating devices. Avoid usage of the portable heater in the bedroom of the Alzheimer patients. These heating devices should not be in the reach of the patients this is because in most of the cases they will end up mismanaging the appliances. In the scenario where your loved one is in need of using the toilet, you must ensure that his needs are meet before he or she sleeps.
Livingroom safety
The living room normally acts as the main area where most of the patient’s rest. There should be no clutters in the Livingroom, all the newspapers and magazines should be effectively recycled after use. The plastic bags should not be in reach by the patients and there should be little decorative objects in the Livingroom. All the toxic materials should be removed in the Livingroom to be edible. The doors, windows and most furniture’s should be made using glasses. The use of the glasses will help the patient in viewing outside it also acts as a way of keeping in touch with the customer while he is in the house. In the other hand, you also should be a precaution to leave your loved one in the fireplace alone without the watch of anybody.
Laundry room
Install the childproof latches cabinets where the hazardous products are kept away from the reach of children. These patients can consume these hazardous products a factor that can replicate on their healthcare status. All the washers and dryer should be kept close intact in order to prevent the patients from accessing these sections of the house. In the action of attempting with the machinery of the house, all the knobs will be kept away from the reach of the patients. The laundry doors should be constantly locked in order to make it inaccessible for the patient.
Outdoor safety tips
There are various outdoor safety precautions that need to be taken in order to develop a safe environment for the patient. All exist need to be effectively checked in order to allow the patient who uses wheelchairs or walkers to effectively access various rooms. If need necessary it is advisable for the doorways to be extended creation of ramps. All the edges of the steps should be made using a wider and brighter light. The steps should be created using sturdy texture in order to prevent the patients from sliding. In the case where there is a swimming pool, there needs to be a strict restriction in accessing the water and all its surrounding should be fenced in order to prevent the patients from entering the water. The pool should be in a constant lock when it is not being used. The clutters should be effectively removed in order to prevent the patients from hitting them while walking around the compound. All the fuel sources should be effectively removed from their respective grills in order to prevent the patients from using them.
Safety Precautions
There are various effective safety precautions that are very necessary to be deployed when taking care of the Alzheimer patient at home. One of the safety precautions is to prepare for emergencies by displaying emergency numbers and your home address in all the relevant telephones services. The night lights also should be placed in both the bathroom and bedrooms of the patients in preventing them from tripping in the case when he gets up during the night hours. There also should be the installation of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the kitchen and in all the sleeping areas. Check them regularly and ensure that they effectively work in the house operational system effectively. When the patient might have difficulty in hearing the smoke alarm will act as an alarm to the patient. All the locks should be checked and ascertained if they work properly. In other words, all the windows and doors should have a respective be locked in order to prevent the patient from moving outside the rooms. Make sure that the stairs have a light in both the top and the bottom. Installation of lights generally, reduces the level of risk that might be involved in the Alzheimer patient.
All the electrical outlets should have an effective electrical cover that will prevent the patients from accessing the electrical plugs. Cover all the unused electrical plugs with childproof plugs that are useful in preventing the electricity from attacking the patients. All the computer equipment should be kept out to a safer place where they cannot be accessed by the patients in one way or the other. Alzheimer patients in most of the cases can destroy the available and relevant data that is stored in a given software structure. As a person who is living with a person with an Alzheimer, it is advisable to purchase relevant products that effectively meet the desire of the patients in the home setup. By following the following steps and precautions there will be a greater chance of living safely with the Alzheimer patient. According to the statistics that was done indicated that the above safety procedure plays a greater role in ensuring that the patient with Alzheimer lives comfortably in his particular locality.
Building a support system
The act of building support is an essential role in helping the victims of Alzheimer. There are various forms of support system. Some of the support systems include caregiver support group, family, friends, faith groups and Alzheimer Association local chapter. In the current world today there are various methods that an individual can be in a position to access health-related assistance. Family members can also seek information from online doctors in relation to the patient health condition. Alternatively, the people caring for the patient should be in a position where they research ways of controlling Alzheimer.
There is an added advantage of using the home health care system. Home care service helps the patient with a 24 hour based care which is not offered in most of the healthcare services. The building support plays an effective role in generating extra energy which is suitable in helping the growth of the corporation between various departments in home structure. There is also health-related insurance cover that is suitable in helping the most residents in covering the medical bills of Alzheimer patients. There are various organizations that have been created with the aim of providing assistance to patients with dementia-related infections. According to the statistics, these organizations have a clear record in offering the best effective service in relation to controlling Alzheimer related challenges.
The introduction of Adult day care for Alzheimer patients has been one of the most essential discoveries in the entire health-related practice. The physicians that are assigned the task of handling Alzheimer should have an added experience and skills in the relevant field. The home-based care system provides various services to dementia patients in the healthcare structure. The Alzheimer patients also should be taken to the adult care sessions where there are vast of experience and care that they undergo through in the environment. In most of the cases, the doctors in these sectors have wide relevant skills that are required in caring for the infection.
Counseling services
Counseling services is a significant process to the patients undergoing through the brain related challenge. The counselor will take a few information from the patient in relation to his environment structure. Counseling services will help in relieving the patient from stress, anger and sense of feeling in his normal life structure. The services of the counselors will help in developing an overwhelming for the development of sudden events in a given event in an organization structure. In most of the cases, the counselors charge as per the hour of counseling sessions, therefore it is advisable for the support team of the patient to look for an appropriate way of meeting the desire of the patient. However, it is always advisable for the support team of the client to ensure the medical services of the clients in the healthcare structure. After the patient have been insured to a certain medical structure he will be in a position to develop a healthy life.
Hospice services
The Hospice services provide care to the mental related infection in the hospital structure. This firm has well-trained and specialized personnel who are in a position to handle dementia-related infections. The hospice facilities also can be used in the home setup or in the facilities of hospice structure. On the other hand, the Hospice supports families in providing them in the house services. On the other hand Hospice charge based on the number of days that a particular patient has received their services.
The government also have deployed various measures in assisting the low financial families who are not in the position in meeting their patients’ medical needs. Currently, there are various financial and state government programs that will be used In financing the medical services of the patient with Alzheimer, Medicare, Medicaid, (PACE) Program of All-Inclusive Care for Elderly, Social Security Disability Income (SHIP). The following financial departments are at the forefront in meeting the financial structure of the patients that suffer from Alzheimer in the hospital.
Alzheimer Is a type of dementia that affects the brain memory structure, by altering the thinking and behavior of an individual. The symptoms develop slowly and become worse over time affecting the normal operation of an individual in a market structure. Alzheimer normally is irreversible and led to death. The infection slowly destroys the persons thinking and the cognitive skills that are involved in a particular individual. According to the study that was done indicated that the Alzheimer depends on one person to the other, in most cases the infection appears in the mid-60s. In the recent survey that was done indicated that more than 5 million of the Americans may develop the Alzheimer infection.
According to the survey which was done indicated that Alzheimer is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The disease kills older people compared to cancer and heart disease. With the great concern in relation to the disease death rate, appropriate home modifications should be initiated in solving this great health disaster. Various home modifications should be channeled in solving the Alzheimer infection. The following home modifications play an essential role in controlling Alzheimer growth in our society. According to the survey that was done indicated that home modification is the most useful in controlling Alzheimer infection in the environment structure.

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