Paper on Addiction and its Effects

Addiction and its Effects

Addiction refers to the state of a condition whereby someone is addicted to an activity or substance. It is a complex sickness which is chronic in nature and greatly affects the functioning of the body and brain. Based on the provided case study the client or person at the centre of addiction is called Katie. She is a white lady aged 35 years. Moreover, Katie is the wife of a man named Lewis as well as a professional lady.

Katie has an addiction to prescription medicines or drugs. The said drugs which are addicted to were prescribed to her for the purpose of relieving pain. However, she got addicted to them. Most likely the drugs are opioid drugs. These are categories of drugs which include even hard drugs such as heroin. However, the types of opioids which are medically prescribed to patients by medical officers or practitioners include; morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone among others(“Opioids/benzodiazepines/various other drugs”, 2015). They are prescribed to patient majorly for the purpose of aiding them to relieve the chronic pain they experience. Conversely, these drugs are very addictive to a person and that explains why Katie became addicted to them. Katie only has an addiction to prescription drugs or medicines and does not have any process of addiction like shopping, video gaming, and gambling.

In the case of Katie, her addiction is substance and not process. Substance addiction is a situation where one gets the desire or urge of continuing using a substance in spite of knowing its harmful effects(“Definition of Substance and Non-substance Addiction.”, 2017). It is the same situation with Katie, in as much, she is aware of the effects of the pain killer drugs or medicines she takes, she does not stop using them. In her, there exists the desire to continue using the drugs.

History of Katie’s addiction

The history of Katie’s addiction to pain killer drugs dates back to when she in her twenties. She was involved in a car accident which left her to get some back pain. On seeking medication, the medical doctor who was attending to her prescribed for her some pain killer drugs. The drugs were prescribed to her for the main purpose of dealing with the chronic pain she was experiencing. Even after finishing the doctor’s dosage, Katie remembered how the drugs made her feel good. It is that reason that made her continue using the drugs. She got addicted to drugs. Over the following numerous years, there were moments that she had to attend to her medical practitioner and twist or fake stories of her experiencing pain for the purpose of convincing the doctor to prescribe her with pain reliever drugs. It is evident that she had become addicted to drugs.

As her life became more complex with daily life pressures, her dwindling career, a child, and marriage, she began to look for strategies that could make her have a better feeling. She started seeking pain pills from co-workers, family members, and friends. In the event that any close person near her got injure, she became curious about knowing whether he or she has been prescribed to take some pain pills by a doctor so that she could borrow some.

Things became worse when she got the knowledge of how to get pain reliever drugs online. Her abuse and addiction to the drugs moved to another level. It became her normal routine to use the drugs. It went to the level of her husband, Lewis, noticing what was going on. Lewis found out that the money they had budgeted for other important family errands were being used for other purposes. When asked about the issue, Katie answered that she was only finding vitamins from the drugs. The truth of the matter is that she was using the drugs because she has become a victim of addiction.

Katie’s addiction did not only affect her alone, but also it affects her family members, her community, and also the society in general(Fernández-Serrano, Pérez-García&Verdejo-García, 2015). The addiction has nearly ended her marriage to Lewis which was once a happy one. She has become very unproductive at her working place, something which has made her career to dwindle. This can result in her being dismissed from the job easily. Also, the drug has made her run out of money. The moment she realized of acquiring the pain pills over the internet was when another trouble began. Purchasing the pain pills over the internet was very expensive. It made her spend all the little money she had at her disposal. Having finished all, she embarked at borrowing the pain bills from her co-workers, family members, and close friends.

Katie’s addiction greatly affected her family members. The addiction made her neglect her child somehow. The responsibility or duty of taking care of the child was entirely left for the husband, Lewis. The child missed the mother’s love and care. The addiction also made her husband, Lewis, to be very frustrated. He even at times thought of divorcing her. The family was heading in the wrong direction because of Katie’s addiction. The addiction made her family run bankrupt. The money which was meant for important family errands was converted by Katie to buy her pain pills(Fernández-Serrano, Pérez-García&Verdejo-García, 2015). It made the family to lack basic family necessities. The addiction also affected society. She became very unproductive in her workplace. This implies that her service to society was significantly reduced. Hence, the society could no longer get her service thus it continued lagging behind.

Katie has actually lost her family. Her husband no longer trusts her and he even suggests to take the children and leave. Katie also no longer think of her family again. All she thinks is drugs. She is also on the verge of losing her job due to her unproductive nature. Her friends have also deserted her due to her unusual behaviours. Her credibility and self-esteem as an individual have also reduced.

The client, Katie, did not respond well to the treatment. Every time she promised to change for good but could be seen again taking the addictive drugs. This worried much people around her, more so the husband, Lewis. The client relapsed. After showing some improvements in leaving the addictive drugs, it did not take long before she embarked on them again.



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