How TV shows gain acceptance among the communities

How Do Reality Tv Users Understand Concepts Presented Through Televised Depictions Of “The Riches” Being Imposed On Abstract

The objective of this research paper is to examine, interpret, and analyze the various concepts – explicit or explicit – presented through televised depictions of “The Riches.” In addition, an endeavour is also made to examine the facts if these shows impose its concepts on the minds of TV users. Further, the study also aims to analyze different criteria which may decide the level with which the TV shows gain acceptance among the communities. The result may give indirect indications of to what extent the concepts presented in these shows is being imposed on the viewers.


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How TV shows gain acceptance among the communities
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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review of the survey
  3. Method used for the survey
  4. Sample and Empirical testing for the Survey
  5. Discussion and Analysis of the Survey
  6. Findings from the Survey
  7. Quantitative Survey of 15 questions
  8. Conclusion
  9. Appendices
  10. References


Influence of social media among the communities is a widely studied phenomenon. Well, acclaimed acceptance of a number of TV shows clearly indicates that in many occasions, the audience identifies significant similarities among the characters with themselves. This, in turn, poses a serious threat to the society as the events and indications in the show may influence the audience. Addiction of communities to these social media varies according to many factors like the cultural, educational, psychological, and intellectual background. It is generally easy to be in command of a community susceptible to these addictions and in rare incidents the viewers may even behave as, how the characters in the program behaved. In the past, the media was used successfully to gain control over the people in a well-planned and focused way.

The role of media in this world is to empower and redefine human minds with a peaceful, blissful, and beautiful awakening. Its final objective aim is to colour with different shades of challenges from varying perspectives. These shades have different parameters, and these could be social, physical, regional and psychological. So, the knowledge of media elements lies in conditioning minds pragmatically for a purposeful life. In addition, the younger lots have to empower themselves with quality information to remain self-conscious with the challenges of the media elements. These elements could be either internet information or TV shows that display life and its challenges from multiple perspectives. In this modern age, there is a need to remain enlightened with positive and healthy information so that our minds work positively to look at the brighter sides of life. All these will enable us to realize the true beauty of the media in life. Though the impact of media elements such as TV shows on our life is evident with audio-visual presentation, it is an urgent need to examine and explore the finding the genesis of concepts involved in the televised depictions of shows in our life.

Literature Review of the Survey

Social media like TV influence the viewers to a greater extent. Gathering of neighbourhoods in the past to watch TV in a commonplace promoted fruitful interactions among families and different peers. Social media offer today’s youth a platform for communication and interactive entertainment. And, the speed at which it has grown, is exponential in recent years. According to O’Keefee  (2013), “For this reason, it is important that parents become aware of the nature of social media sites, given that not all of them are healthy environments for children and adolescents” (1). Further to the positive impacts these inventions on mankind; they were used proficiently by the people in power to manipulate the behavior of communities and to influence them in a predetermined way. There were a number of TV shows which depicted the psychological peculiarities and strange paradigm of human behavioural patterns.

Using a trick to showcase confidence is an art of using the attributes of the human psyche such as dishonesty, integrity, false show, love, respect, irresponsibility, and so on. In this action and reaction of the false show, the person who wants to show what he or she is not through tricky confidence character is called “con.” And, the objective is to endeavour to befool and cheat another person or group after first winning their trust and confidence. As far as the history goes, the first time this term “confidence man” in English was coined in 1849 by the local newspaper in the New York City press. And, it happened during the legal trial of an accused, William Thompson. Later, he divulged the facts that he used to chat with strangers till the point they happened to seek a share personal item like their watches. On getting these items, he would walk off with the watch. Later, he was captured when a victim recognized him on the street. The play “The Riches” aired in 2007 deals with a family of Irish con travellers who adopt the identity of a wealthy couple. Further, it goes on to show their struggles in customizing their new lives as buffers. Generally, this is how they term people who are not Travellers. Though some critics had a preconceived opinion that the show is not original, and it misses certain element, many had a positive opinion about the show.

But, it is important to notice that the rich have dominated and enforced their views on the common people, and they tried to show the common people in bad light. An idea that makes all of us agree is the influence of the rich and money in our life. Especially, the rich rule the roost in viewing things in our life. These could be either advertisement or television.

Frankly speaking, there should be a room for everyone not only to get a chance to grow in life, but also have a say in the decisions that influence their actions, reactions, and lives.


In this modern life, money in the hands of the rich is engineering to control and doctor the sentiments of common masses. These rich people have worried for how they could multiply their money and hold the society to ransom. It is sad to note that even the system is encouraging such people to increasingly dominate the interests, sentiments, and strong majorities of the common masses.

In the context of “The Riches,” it is significant to know that it was originally named as Low of lie. The name itself speaks of how the rich treat the poor through this show. It has many modifications to suit the needs of the riches. Almost a year later, FX announced the return of the second series of ‘The Riches’ on the 8th of March 2008 and it continued for 7 episodes. According to Stanley in the New York Times, “The Riches,” a new series that begins tonight on FX, could serve as the control in a much-needed experiment” (p.1). The president of FX John Landgraf described ‘The Riches’ as a ‘family show’. Later the show was officially cancelled by the network. One of the suggested reasons for cancelling the show was the delay by the writer’s strike. But, there is every reason to smell the rat in the cancellation of the show.

It makes good sense for the system or the government of the day to remember that the rich have their priorities that suit to their interests. Their priorities will never attach significance to the common people and their economic, social, intellectual growth. Therefore, the influential participation and role of the rich in guiding the path of the common people’s mindset is a cause of worry. It is based on the facts that the influence of private interests, who are rich, will degenerate the policies and programs, and aggravate the progressive path of developments.

Method used for the survey

The study includes the response from 20 students of varying cultural, financial and subject domains using a questionnaire. The questionnaire was given to all the participants and told to answer the questions on a percentage-wise preference they give to the options. The questionnaire contained 15 questions.

Sample and Empirical testing for the Survey

This study covers the response from some of respondents who had seen this show and gone to view this show. While collecting the data, it is kept in mind that all the respondents are different regions and socio-cultural backgrounds. These questionnaires are directly asked to them randomly to get their response. Further, this quantitative data from respondents are qualitatively analyzed. The purpose is to leave no room for any ambiguity in the results. Taking the help of this qualitative methodology, an endeavor has been made to extract core values of data from the generic interpretation, and arrive at the conclusion with measurable and specific details.

One of the respondents made the observation that the show is layered with one of the most intriguing and disheartening elements. The plots are not organized infuriatingly.  And even when things move in the right direction, there is underlying sense of despair that radiates this show.

It was the response from another respondent that, the person did not like the show so much. But he still kept watching since he found lots of potential in this show. After a while you find yourself thinking about this comfortable and clean life you’re kind of stuck in, and you realize that the American dream is not such a sweet dream; it looks a lot more like a war you have to fight every day, and the hardest fight is the one against yourself. If you are looking for a comic this is not the best to pick up, but I hardly recommend it if you want to see a well written show.

It was the response of another respondent that, the first season saw the Malloy’s adjusting to life outside of the RV, while the second season was a fight to keep it. The series ended before a resolution or a series finale, which is unfortunate because this series was truly original.

Another respondent states that it was an engaging drama. The Riches was an addicting drama. Sure, the premise was absurd and flops. But he felt that he never had trouble in keeping himself in the suspended disbelief. It was based on the fact that the scripts and quality acting made the situation perfect.

The core of the story was the struggle for emancipation and development of a positive idea.  And this idea is it is worth fighting for a normal life. Here, there is a mixture of an uplifting sentiment that offers more relevance in the present time, not the past time. One must wonder why they chose to cut it this year. At the very least, it was worthwhile for another season to knit the organized threads. It is the belief that on the one hand, fans might have been happy and contented customers. On the other hand, a presentation of topical angle would have captivated the new viewers. Finally, it was left with dissatisfied curiosity of the viewers and the moral of the entire series is thickly coated with dark could of vagueness. And, all these offer a healthy of making the series with the total absence of resolution.

There was another respondent who made his comments that the show has many layers of characters, and it is wrong to believe that it has just travellers. Thus, it is a metaphor for the absence of truth in our life, and how hard it can be to pretend to be something you’re not. One of the greatest travesties of facts is that FX is clear but it always sits on the fence for making inroads for season three. He is of the firm opinion that if “The Riches” brings its end where it is now, there is every reason to believe that they will never pull it off. This show has a heart at the base of everything, and as it is now, that heart is in jeopardy. To cancel this show would be the biggest mistake since the cancelling of Firefly.

Discussion and Analysis of the Survey

Using these elements of survey, it is important to decode the facts and look at the issues from different perspectives. This survey clearly goes on to show that the affluent have their priorities and goal-settings which will not address the issues of development of the general public. But, it is responsibility of the present government to stop this kind of intellectual and emotional exploitation of the common people by the rich through “The Riches.”

It is true to bridge the economic inequities overnight as it requires long-term planning. But, intellectual, social, and academic equality can be ensured to a great extent by not involving the rich in the decision-making process. All these presentations are reflected from the storyline and nature of characters in the show.

Wayne and Dahlia Malloy go on the run, along with three children after stealing money from the extension counter of a family bank. After the occurrence of this unfortunate accident, they identify a wealthy, normal family, the Riches. With the idea of leading a better life for themselves and the keys to a new house in a classy neighborhood in hand, they move into this unhealthy profession. But, soon they find that suburban life is more complex and challenging than what they encountered previously in the real scenario as cons.

It is true that though the other shows or dramas written by the writers of The Riches were funny, The Riches was not a funny show. “The Riches” reminds us that Izzard has been on the stage with another set of people. Believe it or not, there is a threatening outlook in his madness. And, it mirrors in his Wayne Malloy. He is a so-called traveller who, along with his cunning family, loiters around the Louisiana outback in their butt-ugly RV. And, they are in search of “buffers” to sucker.

Travellers in this show are Irish gypsies, on the road with a fiddle. Buffers are ordinary, law-abiding middle-class stay-at-home, ripe for plucking. In the in initial hour of the new FX series, the Malloys makes his journey by stealing wallets at a get-together function in high-school. Then he continues his journey by plundering and stealing the family bank after their fellow travellers arrange a marriage that will trap Di Di. Along the way there is slapstick, but it tends to be surprisingly violent. In spite of all these, upward mobility does not lend itself to hilarity.

In the second episode it is all about their new house in a suburb zoned against RVs. In her childhood, she always wanted to go to a prom. Cael like computers, but Di Di has affection toward the boy next door. Finally, Sam is in love with the swimming pool. Later Wayne comes to know that his expertise for flimflam enables him to go with such treacherous anthropological, religious, and erotic rites as playing golf and practicing law.

Some part of it is funny as in a Kafka/Beckett/Printer soft-shoe shuffle of grotesques. Still, what’s more mesmerizing about ‘The Riches’ is class war and caste hate. The Riches ups this ante, and suggest that status and dignity-based social classifications are themselves fake and unfounded. These are coated with impersonation. He is of the opinion that nothing in this world is what it seems or appears. Even neither a lawyer nor an arm is true. Everywhere, they are in the polluted environment of impostors, and make other believe what they are not. Actually, they are richly coated with deep layers of frauds and fakes.

Some of the facts important relating to discussion and analysis of the survey are the nature, type, features of elements available in the show. This is presented through a table mirroring the core components of our analysis.

No of questionnaire 15
Number of respondents contacted 7
Number of respondents contacted (Direct Contact) 4
Number of respondents contacted (Indirect Contact) 3
Number of characters analyzed 3
Name of characters analyzed Wayne, Dahlia Malloy, Di Di
Issue of survey Impact of richness on intellectual growth
Theme The rich are not really rich pragmatically.


Findings from the Survey

Many of the respondents were not happy about the show, even though they appreciated the well written play. Some of them have appreciated the show to a certain extent. Many of them have not opted for the third series of the play. Generally, everyone likes a well written comics or a fun filled series. They suggest that TV shows should be for entertainment and relaxation.

One of the respondents wrote that The Riches are something different, with great acting, an unusual premise and engaging characters. It has become a must show for him. Which means the perception of people vary drastically? There are many who have given positive comments regarding this show but of course there are a few who have also disagreed on this TV show.

There was another comment where she said that the story was completely unbelievable. The story in the TV show is not possible in real life. It is stupid and annoying that people are getting addicted to this TV show. Finally, she gives an entirely different comment that however, this show is witty, funny and keeps you interested in the story.

Other respondent revealed that he really appreciated the show about its plot, theme, and characters. And, he believes that this is probably one of the most captivating, enthralling and creative show of the year. There is every reason to believe that each person has his or her own outlook, and it is quite natural to differ from the other person. So, a lot of difference in the outlook of each person is to understand the show and to realize the concept of the show. Some of the respondents watched the show because of the actors involved in it. But a few more watched this unique and intoxicating show.

Quantitative Survey of 15 questions

In the current study, the age-old way to get every type of information ie, the question answer format is used. Any required information from the subject was being taken through a predefined set of questions. As mentioned earlier, the candidates were free to leave the questions if it was not something worth-telling as per them. In light of these primary (age, gender and subject) and secondary parameters (hobbies, frequency of watching TV, nature of TV shows they like etc) there are 14 questions that required a response from each of 15 participants. This will help researcher to understand the perspective in a better way. The researcher has zero interest to go into the details of the root of the problems that exists in the real sense. So, this demands the applications of quantitative methods to get information and factual data. Thus, the research has applied a phenomenological method which is based on the inputs of personal analysis and perspectives.

In the aforesaid facts of limitations, challenges, and analyses of the TV show and its impact on viewers, it raises many questions to moot. Some of the 15 prominent questions are:

  1. How do you evaluate the show The Riches?
  2. What was the reason for failure of this show?
  3. Can FX go for a third series?
  4. Do you find any similarities in any of the characters?
  5. Which characters do you like the most?
  6. What is your opinion about the rich in the context of “The Riches?”
  7. Can the rich make “The Riches” rich?
  8. Do you think the role of the influential people controls the intellectual growth of the common masses?
  9. Are the rich trying to lower the dignity of the common people?
  10. Can the rich ignore their economic prosperity at the cost of intellectual growth of the general public?
  11. Are the common people victims of their own fate at hand of the rich?
  12. Should the government control the influence of the affluent?
  13. Are the rich really rich socially and emotionally?
  14. Will you prefer to bring the latest version of show by allowing the rich to change the outline of story?
  15. If you were the storyline designer of this show, what three changes would you like to incorporate?

The answers to these questions might probably answer to the intensity and depth of impacts of TV show on the human minds, especially the young viewers.


Based on the aforesaid description, interpretation, analysis, and examination of the facts and opinions in the context of the TV show – The Riches, it is safe to conclude that even though there are a number of good points in connection the TV show ‘The Riches’, many were not happy with this series. Though it was a well written show, it did end up in failure. This show has a heart at the base of everything, and as it is now, that heart is in jeopardy. To cancel this show would be the biggest mistake since the cancelling of Firefly.

There is a great deal of challenge on doing research work on “How do Reality TV users understand concepts presented through televised depictions of “The Riches”” being imposed on them. There are not many reports available in the literature about the various aspects pertaining to the TV series. Reviews were carried out mainly on this TV series based on the available reviews.

Even though the analysis of results obtained in the survey indicated a clear influence of TV shows on the viewers, especially among the girls who are interested in the subjects like literature and art, there were missing points which failed to show a clear connection between the nature of individuals and their favorite TV shows. No one is interested in a life that is full of struggles and suffering. Everyone comes to watch a TV show for relaxation and entertainment. Only the persons who appreciate like-minded series will appreciate the show. Since the number of respondents was from a small group, there were major differences in their ways of thinking about the show.

Finally, this research is planned to decode the impact of violence on television that desensitizes children emotionally and psychologically. Yet nobody seems to worry that adults are becoming accustomed to excellence. Many have not done the research on this topic since “The Riches” has a voice and peculiar style of its own. It is easy to analyze a subject when has a comedy, sadness or menace element. But this is a combination of different style. Thus evaluating various concepts of this TV show is completely difficult. There is not much literature available regarding this show. That also contributes to another limitation of this study. However, with the available data, the study has done.

The show “The Riches” is only more interested in the cultural, traditional, and ethical values of the Travellers. But, it needs to be shown pragmatically to attract the attentions of viewers. So, there is need to show more the creative and innovative outlooks of life and challenge the traditional pattern of life.

The Riches is a crystalline look at our current societal tug-of-war: We are encouraged to scale back, simplify, live contentedly…but also demand the absolute best for ourselves and our families. The drama is also an acting showcase. The Riches has private sadness to brave, which ultimately makes the show a well-spring of empathy for insiders as well as outsiders.

Based on what I have shared my perception and conception in this research paper on the independent goodness of TV show, my personal opinion is to create a conducive environment of emotional and psychological peace, independence, respect, and tolerance for all of our viewers. Believe it or not, this approach of universal equality and justice with social empathy will only give us true happiness.

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  14. Appendices

These are two tables that reflect the gist of the analysis and research.

Basic Elements

No of questionnaire 15
Number of respondents contacted 7
Number of respondents contacted (Direct Contact) 4
Number of respondents contacted (Indirect Contact) 3
Number of characters analyzed 3
Name of characters analyzed Wayne, Dahlia Malloy, Di Di
Issue of survey Impact of richness on intellectual growth
Theme The rich are not really rich pragmatically.


Analytical Elements

No of open-ended questions 2
No of close-ended questions 13
Theme Loss of trust and fraud
Social Impact Average
Public Response Minimal
Generic reasons for minimal public response Poor characterization, weak plot, and varying settings
Scope Intellectual empowerment of

the common people







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